2nd September '07 - London Film & Comic Con.

I went with my brother dressed in Star Trek uniforms. I was supposed to be Captain Picard and he was Data. We met up with other cosplayers dressed as Klingons, a Dr Who, an Alien, a Predator, Darth Vader as well as others dressed in Star Trek costumes. There was a tall bald man dressed as Picard that made my costume look like crap. He was the spitting image of Captain Picard. People took photos of us but I forgot to do one of him. :(

There was a Guild Wars stand (I do actually play Guild Wars but I spend more time chatting than going on quests) and there were three models dressed up as characters. They were dressed in full costume and being in character. I had my photo taken with them but the man on the stall said I could only have my photo taken with two of them, because four people won't fit in the frame of the picture, so I had to choose which two people I wanted. Three beautiful women dressed in costume and I had to eccentially reject one of them and pose with the other two. That was difficult and I was sure the one left out would be p**ssed off. I chose based upon the costumes they were wearing but I was sure that if it was always the same woman left out she would be more than a bit miffed. Thinking back I should have just got two photos, one with me and two of the women and one with just me and the other one. I don't actually know their character names or their real names either.

Patrick Stewart was there too, for three hours, signing autographs. He had a ban on photos and personalised autographs so I never bothered getting his. I've heard afterwards, on the LFCC forums, that no one was allowed to speak to him either or shake his hand. Some of the rules are understandable because of the giant queues of people lining up and him not having much time but I'm sure he upset a lot of people and gained a bad repulation among his fans. I'm still his fan but I didn't want to hang around too long in a long line just for a quick glimps of him and his name.

I also read on the forums about a woman who was a big fan of another celebrity. Aparently she had traveled half way across the country to meet him. While getting his autograph he was busy chatting with a member of the LFCC staff and turned to her only to ask her name and quickly did an autograph for her. As he handed it back to her he continued chatting with the LFCC staff about something. After that she went home in tears. She wanted to talk to him and tell him how much of a fan she was but he wasn't interested. There may have been a massive line of people wanting his autograph and he may have been tired but just a simple gesture or lack of one can cause a lot of upset. I think the moral is to realise that celebrities are normal people that can be nice and sweet or annyoing and not interested, just like everyone else.

I met Michael Gross, from the Tremmors movies and Family Ties TV show. He was really nice and chatted with me and shook my hand even before I asked for an autograph. He also has his beard again which he used to have in Family Ties.

I got a lot of action figures too, I know they are silly and a waste of money but I like them. I bought two Lara Crofts and three Rei Ayanami characters. (I got one for free because her arm was missing.) I like Rei Ayanami because she reminds me of me and has a similar first name too. I don't have blue hair or anything I just meant in her personality not her looks. She is from an anime called Neon Genesis Evangelion in case you don't know who she is. The series is good but the movies are jibberish, but apparently it's supposed to be like that. {hmm}

I also got some DVDs, lots of manga comics and a novel of Ghost in the Shell 2. I haven't read it yet but the film was brilliant especially when the robots attack Bateu and he is losing and about to get killed and another robot grabs his gun and... (I'm not going to give away the ending.)

The next LFCC show is in July I think and I will be there again probably dressed up as someone else.

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