21st October '14 - Claudia Christian & Yancy Butler.

Recently I was searching online for articles about the TV series Witchblade. I've read a lot of the comics, watched the anime and the first pilot episode of the TV series, and I was interested to know how many episodes had been made. I was wondering if it was worth buying the box sex on DVD.

I was aware that the actress Claudia Christian had been in Babylon 5 so I knew who she was, but was surprised when I found out Witchblade starred Yancy Butler. I thought for a moment that maybe they had changed the leading actress but none of the websites mentioned that Claudia Christian had ever appeared in Witchblade.

So I then did a specific search for Claudia Christian and Witchblade and realised someone else had make the mistake that I had. Claudia Christian had never been in Witchblade it had always been Yancy Butler, they just resemble one another.

Claudia Christian makes things clear.

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