14th November '09 - Looking Up Game cheat Codes.

GRRRR, There are a zillion websites on the internet about every subject imaginable but there are NONE that have computer game cheats on. ALL of the game cheats websites are meaningless twaddle and no one ever checks what's posted on them!

I've got a game on the PlayStation 2 called Clocktower 3, it's one of those games that's enjoyable but has an end of level boss to defeat at the end of each level, and they are difficult to beat. I looked up cheats for it and every website I found says things like, "Complete the game once to be able to change costume", or "Complete the game once to unlock extra energy". How are those cheats if you have to complete the game first?!

One site even listed what each item you find in the game did as though they were a cheat, even though it tells you what they are within the game anyway!

Don't even ever attempt to search for Xbox 360 cheats, all you'll get is a list of Achievements you can obtain, or a list of meanlingless drivel. If you try to find cheats for Halo you'll be screaming and f-ing at the computer.

The sites that have game cheats on often contain more ads than content so they don't care if someone posts gibberish.

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