25th November '08 - Chat Avenue.

There's a chat room that I use called Chat Avenue but it's been going so downhill that I'm going to have to stop using it. Now I'm going to need to find a new chat room. :(

Chat Avenue has lots of chat rooms such as Video Games Chat, Teen Chat, Girls Only Chat, Adult Chat, Gay Chat, Sex Chat, etc. A lot of the rooms are subdivided into even more chat rooms.

I used the Adult Chat, it's not the same as sex chat but a lot of people get confused by the word adult and think it is, even though it says it's not at the bottom of the chat room window.

We don't chat about anything in particular, just anything. It's brilliant fun sometimes and a lot of laughs, you also get to know people or what they want you to know about them. Sometimes people are more likely to tell you things about themselves that they wouldn't otherwise tell people they know in person. It's almost like watching a TV soap where new chat room regulars arrive and some never come back, and there's sometimes heated arguments that are usually about someting trivial.

Over the years it's been going downhill though, it lags quite often and takes a long time to get in. Some of the chat moderators are just downright rude and will ban people for complaining.

On Youtube there have been loads of complaints about the teen chat room where anyone using a female name will be bombarded with sex messages while the chat moderators do nothing. Some people have filmed this and uploaded it onto Youtube.

One of my chat friends complained on the chat room forums about people talking about sex while the chat moderator did nothing, she was banned from Chat Avenue and was accused of lying.

Some of the chat moderators are nice, I'm not implying that they are all nasty people.

The last straw that has made me leave is now they've altered the advertising on it so that it gets around any pop-up blocker that someone may have, and it will randomly boot you out of the chat room and download an adware virus onto your computer.

Most of my chat friends have gone to Chat Abyss or Chat Addiction but those chat rooms are still quite new and are often empty at certain times of the day. I may have to use 321chat but that's not very good either. :(

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