5th November '07 - Internet Censorship.

People go on about censorship on the internet and argue about what should and shouldn't be on it. Some people are pro-censorship while others are dead against it, then there are people like me that see both sides of the argument and would rather have some kind of compromise between the two.

Some people say children need to be protected and websites such as porn should all be banned, while some people believe a standardised protection program such as Net Nanny is the answer.

I've used Google to search for butterfly pictures and have had pictures of naked women with butterfly tattoos display on the screen, it wasn't porn it was from a tattoo website but Google searched for the pictures directly without displaying the page it was attached to showing it out of context.

I've searched for Patrick Stewart websites and have found a website all about autopsies because somewhere amongst the reams of text his name was mentioned.

I've seen a website that hosts amature movie clips and have found CCTV footage of a woman being run over and killed by a train while an ad for Capital One credit cards was displayed on the same page as if approving of its content.

None of these things would be blocked out by Net Nanny which is only designed to work with bonafide responsible websites. Google would have no problem displaying the pictures directly and avoid the page with the warnings and whatnot anyway.

I've heard that a lot in Internet Service Providers in the past have always stated that you have to be over 18 to use the net anyway but this seems to have been forgotten.

Anyway the reason that I am writing this is because I've been on the Orange.net home page and there is a caption competition that has a photos of people in the public eye and you have to type a witty caption, most of the captions are witty but some of them are just pure swears or offensive messages. Someone (not me) has posted a complaint to Orange.net about the fact that they are not screening the messages, I agree with him especially as the same page has a link about how to protect your children online.

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