17th March 2018 - Catering To Your Audience.

I was thinking about this recently when it comes to my writing. I've written a lots of stories online directly upon my website, and through Amazon Kindle and Lulu. Generally speaking I publish conventional stories on Amazon, while Lulu tends to be compilations of short stories, and my website interactive stories, poetry and fan fiction.

However this changed in the last year or so when I began focusing upon Amazon Kindle books writing mainly erotica or conventional stories with an erotic element to them. This is what's known as Catering To Your Audience, i.e. those are the kinds of books that sell. It's a simple fact that a 30 page erotic short story will vastly outsell a 500 page novel even if both are priced at minimum.

While I do love writing erotica I do feel that I'm neglecting my other genres of writing. So it's just a matter of finding balance. I'm going to continue with the erotic stories for the sake of increased sales yet on occasional write something as far from erotica as possible. I've already started doing this on my website with the occasional short story. I'd love to be a famous writer some day but I don't want to be famous for only one genre.

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