8th September '14 - A Strange Dream About A Cat.

Last night was quite a hot stuffy night which is unusual for September so I slept half under my duvet with it beside me and only partially covering me. The corner was next to my face and due to my laying position as though I was holding it.

During the night I had a dream about a very fluffy ginger cat that was stray and had somehow entered the house. As I picked him up he started scratching my arms and face which somehow prevented me from using the back door so I had to put the cat outside through the window of the bathroom. There was an old worn out sofa dumped outside so I rested the cat on it where he instantly settled down and started to sleep with content. I then noticed it was raining and the sofa was soaked with water so I began to feel sorry for the cat so decided to bring him back inside. He was happy when I picked him up and started purring but continued to scratch my arms and face.

When I woke up I noticed the duvet on my bed was poking me in the face. I wonder how many dreams are influenced by simple things like that.

Picture by Lynne Chapman. Blogspot.

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