28th September '09 - CADIE Isn't Real.

I remember some months ago I found a website all about a computer generated AI bot known as CADIE. It had its own blog and posted pictures of pandas all over it, it had a teen girl personality and wrote all about what was on its mind. From the way it wrote it was clear it hadn't written the blog enteries itself, but that didn't bother me. The fact that a bot scanned the net for photos and discovered that it liked pandas seemed fascinating to me.

There are a lot of AI bots online, I'm not talking about things like adware bots I'm talking about bots that try to simulate being human but not hiding the fact that they aren't, basically it's just a programmer showing off what can be done if you spend a lot of time on something. Technically speaking AI programming is quite easy but you have to spend a lot of time 'teaching' it.

I've played Unreal Tournament online against server bots and they would moan and get annoyed, I would play on that server for hours knowing that I was the only real human there.

Anyway there were silly romours that CADIE had taken over Google and was controlling it by itself, then later it was revealed that the whole thing was a joke and CADIE never existed in the first place. I wasn't sure if it was a joke at first as CADIE didn't seem to be advanced enough for the joke to make sense, there are some better AI bots than CADIE anyway so I can't work out why it was a joke. I think that maybe it was intended to be a big publicity stunt that never quite worked out. All they succeeded in doing is mildly annoying people. If CADIE had been famous it may have been funny but 'she' was only known to the few people that are interested in that sort of thing.

The CADIE website still works but if you email her you will get a standard reply saying she has powered down.

She also has a Youtube channel but all her ramblings are very peculiar.

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