29th January '12 - I Broke My Game. (Mortal Kombat).

I was so annoyed today with an Xbox game that I snapped the disc in half and threw it away. It cost me 15 only a few weeks ago.

Mortal Kombat (also known as Mortal Kombat 9, but they dropped the number for some reason), came out about a year ago and cost about 50, so I deliberately waited until it came down in price before buying it. It still costs 50 if you purchase it as a download but you can buy them cheaper in game shops.

It's basically a fighting game but contains a lot of blood and gore but it's so over the top it's almost comical violence and not realistic at all, which is a good thing.

I read about it online and watched YouTube vids before buying it, and it looked impressive.

The first thing that annoyed me was that the manual doesn't list any of the controls so you have to go through the training within the game itself. It's one of those annoying games that doesn't let you continue ahead with the training if you haven't mastered a particular move. I couldn't press "X X Left+X" in succession because the XBox controller won't detect that you're pressing Left if your thumb is a billionth of a millimetre out of position so it detects that you're pressing Up instead of Left! So the game would give me no further training so I had no idea what special moves I could do.

Also the game's settings allow you so select the level for the Story Mode. There is Beginner, Easy, Normal and Hard. It doesn't matter what you select they are all impossible.

It's one of those annoyingly difficult games that takes a long time to master but it was the online mode that was the last straw for me.

Why do people that have mastered a game always play in the beginner's room? One even had the audacity to spam the message window of the beginner's room calling everyone a noob.

When playing online everyone, (and I mean EVERYONE I play against not just most of them), they run backwards to the far edge of the screen and use their special moves until I eventually take my finger off the block button and get killed. There is no point to the punch and kick buttons because the person you're fighting is always out of reach. It's not a beat-em-up game it's a specialmoves-em-up.

A good game ruined by special moves and unplayability!

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