20th April '12 - The London Book Fair.

I had one of my books on display for three days at the London Book Fair this year. It was on a stand called the New Title Showcase that features a mixture of new books by various different authors.

This was the first show of this type that I have had a book on display as well as the first time I've attended. Getting a book into a show such as this isn't as easy as I thought it would be and there were problems and lots to do to get everything organised. It's been a nightmare from start to finish especially when my publisher's website went down and I never had a new copy of my book available and almost missed the deadline. Next time though I'll make sure to prepare things a lot earlier.

Books aren't sold directly at the book fair, but it's a good way to promote a book. There are catalogues with contact details so people can order books after the show. Although I have no idea what they do with the books on display after the book fair has finished.

It is a good feeling too to have a piece of work I created alongside other books made by professional authors.

My book looked as though lots of people had looked at it. :)

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