30th August '15 - BloodRayne.

I've always been a fan of BloodRayne, not the movies they suck big time, but the video games. There have been two games, or technically three if you count BloodRayne Betrayal which is more of an arcade style game which ironically is the most challenging to complete.

The first BloodRayne game is about Rayne hunting down Nazi officers while the second game is about a group of vampires attempting to transform the entire world into a vampire haven leaving it up to Rayne to protect humanity. The games hold no punches when dealing with the concept of vampires biting people, even Rayne herself has to bite humans to survive. Luckily there are a lot of bad people in the world so Rayne has no qualms in feeding off them.

I played these games on the Xbox many years ago but recently downloaded them for the PC from GOG.com and am reliving the excitement once more.

At a recent anime convention I met voice actress, Laura Bailey, who plays Rayne in both games. She's very sweet and totally unlike Rayne in personality and appearance.

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