30th March '10 - Beauty And Sexuality.

Years ago there was a programme on TV called The Human Face presented by John Cleese. It's being shown again on MSN video and people have been commenting on it on forums. Basically John Cleese was saying that beauty isn't in the eye of the beholder, he said it's just a saying to make unattractive people feel better about themselves and it's a fact that beauty is a fixed perseption not an opinion. He then said the most beautiful person in the world is obviously female, white and in her twenties, and behold Liz Hurley was considered the most beautiful woman in the world. People online were saying that John Cleese is a twat thinking with his dick.

It reminded me of a radio DJ named Ian Collins saying that all women are lesbian but only choose to be straight out of necessity, and when he was asked why he thought that he said because everyone would rather have sex with a woman than with a man. Basically he was asuming all women had the same sexuality as he did. He may have been making it up though just to cause controversy, Invicta FM often did that just to get people to phone in.

Beauty and what you find sexually attractive aren't even the same thing anyway. You may find someone to be extremely beautiful but not even have a sexual thought cross your mind.

I have a friend on My Space and she spoke about how she's attracted to beautiful men, not handsome men but beautiful. She spoke about how western society doesn't recognise male beauty because men like that are considered to be a bit sissy.

I was reading about a man that thought he was gay but he didn't find men physically attractive and was confused, but when he spoke to a woman about it she said she felt the exact same way about men so he wasn't so different than she was.

I could go on and on stating more examples but basically my opinion is beauty and sexy do not mean the same as quite a lot of people, including John Cleese, think.

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