7th October '15 - Bubblegum Crisis.

I first bought Bubblegum Crisis on a set of three DVDs containing eight episodes. My first surprise was that they were in NTSC even though they were Region 2 (UK) DVDs. This basically means if you watch them on an older TV they will appear as a grainy black and white flickery image so you have to watch them on a modern TV or watch them on computer.

There are lots of variations of the DVD box art for all three volumes so it's a good idea to check the episode names directly as to not accidentally purchase what you already have.

DVD Vol 1 is called Mason and contains episodes 1 - 3:
1. Tinsel City Rhapsody.
2. Born to Kill.
3. Blow Up.

DVD Vol 2 is called Largo and contains episodes 4 - 6:
4. Revenge Road.
5. Moonlight Rambler.
6. Red Eyes.

DVD Vol 3 is called Minor Wars and contains episodes 7 - 8:
7. Double Vision.
8. Scoop Chase.

If you purchase them on VHS videotape (cheap on ebay) you can purchase each episode separately and have a wider variety of box art. Albeit you can't change language as you can on a DVD.

The story is about a group of four women who moonlight as vigilante soldiers of fortune, known as the Knight Sabers, who wear robotic suits and protect the city. One of them is a police officer who works for the well-meaning but generally incompetent AD Police. The bad guys often wear robotic suits of their own but sometimes use robots, known as Voomers, to do their dirty work. Within the English dubbed version the robots are referred to as Boomers rather than Voomers, this could be a mistake or simply the way the voice actors chose to pronounce the word.

The entire series is excellent mixing action and moments of comedy. The four main characters; Sylia Stingray, Priscilla Asagiri, Linna Yamazaki, Nene Romanova are totally different in personality and often bicker with one another. The comedy moments are character driven rather than the situations they face which can often be something very serious.

I don't like to reveal spoilers on blogs so turn away now, but there are some key comedy moments to mention such as Nene's robotic costume no longer fitting because she's put on weight, and Nene having to change clothing in the same room as Nigel their mechanic. In fact Nene is often the brunt of a lot of the comedy moments.

Incidentally, speaking of nudity, the first episode contains a full frontal nude scene revealing everything when Pris puts on her costume. It is strange considering the UK rating of the DVD is a PG. Maybe the censors turned away for a moment.

If you're looking for action but at the same time something light hearted then this is the perfect anime for you. It's not just enjoyable to watch but also enjoyable to re-watch!

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