28th November '11 - The BBC Are Liars.

I'm aware that the BBC often exagerate news stories in order to get a political point across but this has now gone too far. I'm outraged by the total bullshit they did today!

Jeremy Vine does a show at lunch time on Radio 2, and today he was broadcasting live from India. The whole thing was a total lie and I don't even think he was even there!

First of all he started talking about their increasing economy and how India as a country is starting to improve. There was the sound of building works in the background. He then spoke of how he had to duck his head down as a man holding a plank of wood passed him. There was then a sound of a bicycle bell and Jeremy Vine explained how the man holding the panks of wood almost bumped into the bike.

Then the sound of the building works vanished and he said he was at a market. He descibed a goat wandering about and the stalls selling herbs. He spoke to someone and they said business was good but big companies such as Walmat and Tesco were going to start building supermarkets and he would soon go out of business.

Then as Jeremy Vine went to speak to the next man on the stall suddenly everyone started to pack up and people were running away. He then explained how men from the supermarkets were coming down the street ready to close down the market stalls.

That was amazing luck that all that occured within three minutes of each other during a live broadcast.

The BBC have clearly fabricated the entire broadcast to get their political point across. "India's economy thriving = good, big supermarkets = bad."

My licence fee pays for the BBC to make up news and brainwash people into thinking the way they do.

I won't be listening to Jeremy Vine anymore!

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