15th April '08 - Batou Slideshow.

Yeahhh! I finally finished my Batou slideshow and uploaded it onto MySpace and onto one of my websites.

I made a website called Batou a few months ago but I wasn't happy with it, it had a fancy style but not very good to look at, it had a slideshow on it too but you had to keep pressing Next to see the next picture. It was also difficult to update as well so I decided to alter it and just have the whole site as one slideshow with music too.

I re-watched all the Ghost in the Shells, not the second series because I haven't got that yet, and took lots of screenshots and put them all together. The music is called Living Inside the Shell and I've had to time the pictures to the length of the song. I've had that tune running around in my head for about two weeks now driving me crazy!

I've noticed in the first movie Batou is spelled as Bateau and yet in the second movie and series he is referred to as Batou. Obviously both are misspelled as it is a Japanese name and should be spelled in a completely different alphabet.

There's a anime/manga show I'm going to next month and I was tempted to go as him but I have no idea how I would do his eyes.

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