16th September '07 - Chat Room Arguments.

There's a chat room I regularly use that's subdivided into other rooms. It's one of those adult rooms where people have a serious discussion about something and every so often get interrupted by a man taking about his massive size and mistaking the chat room for a sex chat. People often confuse the word Adult with the word Sex. Ironically there is a sex chat on that chat network and yet they still get confused.

I have lots of friends there and when I arrived two of my friends, Alyssa and Dusty, were having an argument. I had no idea why they were arguing I had missed what had happend. I was told that Tommy was telling his usual offensive jokes and fooling around and made Alyssa upset. Tommy is sometimes funny and sometimes pretends to be female and flirts with men then reveals to them that he is a man, just to teach them a lesson for thinking it was a sex chat. I don't know what he said to Alyssa but she was annoyed with him. Tommy left in a huff but Dusty was defending him. So Alyssa and Dusty who have been freinds for four years split up as friends.

I explained that it's okay for friends to disagree and still remain friends. If Alyssa hates Tommy and Dusty likes him there is still no reason why Alyssa and Dusty cannot remain friends. There is a man named Stephen who I am friends with and a woman named Lady that I am friends with. Lady will swear in front of Stephen's face because she hates him so much but it doesn't stop me from being friends with both of them.

In the end the argument between Alyssa and Dusty turned childish and they were calling each other names and saying 'whatever' to anything the other said.

SkiBunny tried to change the subject while I started chatting with other people in the hope the argument would stop. In the end BettyLou, a friend of both of them, called them both childish and told them both off like they were school children.

In some ways it was funny but in others it wasn't. Alyssa is disabled with serious health problems and Dusty had a nasty break up with her partner. They are probably the last people that anyone would want to see argue with each other.

Obviously I haven't used their real names in typing this blog.

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