6th July '15 - Appleseed DVD (2002) Review.

This blog entry is about the version of Appleseed that was released in 2002. There have been other versions since which I'll probably review at a later date. There are variations of the cover art too of this anime causing even more confusion. Whichever version of Appleseed you watch they only cover a short segment of the vast collection of manga comics by Masamune Shirow so if you enjoy the anime I suggest reading the comics too.

This anime is set a fair time time after the war and Deunan and Braireos are living in Olympus City working as police officers. Braireos has already had his accident where his face was robotised with implants. The main plot follows the story of a man getting revenge on the 'perfect' city due to his wife having committed suicide having felt like a bird trapped in a cage. There are genetically engineered humans known as biodroids who appear totally content with their happy lives. One of these biodroids, a close friend Deunan, is persuaded to assist the man in getting revenge by planning to destroy the main computer known as Gaia.

There is plenty of action as well as comedy moments within this anime. I'm not going to mention any spoilers as to the funny moments but the humour is very juvenile in places, and sometimes totally out of context with the seriousness of the plot taking place. This certainly matches the manga comics’ style.

As well as language options, character bios, gallery, etc, the DVD also contains commentary by Jonathan Clements the author of Anime Encyclopaedia, and Larissa Murray voice actress of Deunan. It's well worth watching and listening to the commentary as Larissa Murray giggles a lot while explaining how they produced some of the sounds effects. Jonathan Clements however has a tendency to waffle on getting side tracked talking about other things.

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