25th October '15 - Another Hello Kitty Patch.

I couldn't resit buying another iron on patch from ebay. They're good value for money too. I bought it on impulse so have no certain plans as to where to stick it. My other one I stuck to a bumbag but with this one I'll think I'll wait for the next anime convention and wear it on whatever costume I'm wearing at the time. I could wear it as a Star Trek badge as go as a Hello Kitty Captain Picard but I'll likely look silly so maybe I won't. I've seen a Hello Kitty Superman photo online so it would be something along those lines.

The patch is made of cotton and very tactile, with raised eyes and nose, tickling the fingers with each stroke. Her hair ribbon is made up of strands of cotton so I won't touch that too much out of fear that it could come apart. The whiskers are cute with the way they protrude from the sides of the patch.

It is the kind of patch that looks as though it could easily peel away from clothing so I'll likely add a few stitches to it just in case when I finally decide where to place it.

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