22nd June '13 - Amazon Spies.

I was looking at ebay recently as well as Google searching for anime pillowslips. I had no idea what they were called but later discovered there is a term for them called Dakimakura. I had seen some at an expo show recently that cost 40 but realised they are a lot cheaper online. I had no intention of buying one I was just curious.

Anyway ever since then every time I look at Youtube or any website that contains Amazon advertising I always receive the same ad for anime pillowslips, the irony is that I didn't use Amazon in my original search so they are obviously monitoring. I've been told they check cookie files left by other websites but I regularly delete my temporary internet files so I'm sure they must be using another method.

While viewing Xbox vids on Youtube Amazon offers me anime pillowslips.

Addendum (19th July'13):
This doesn't just apply to Amazon, I've had lots of ads for iStockphoto.com while using ebay.

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