Moist Heat.
Copyright 2012, 2018 by Raymond Johnson. Second edition.
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Dedicated to all my readers who've given me invaluable feedback on my books and are a constant supply of new ideas.

"Danger is very real but fear is a choice." - Will Smith.

After surviving a plane crash in the Amazon jungle six women find themselves lost in a foreboding land with dangers all around. Their pilot died on impact as well as their navigator who advised them to all stay with the plane just before he passed away. However after waiting days to be rescued they decide to go it alone and traverse the unexplored jungle looking for civilisation, having no idea of what dangers await them.

Mixing horror, black humour and blatant nudity this book is a must for fans of dark erotica.



Chapter 1 - The Hot Jungle

My ankles were aching while my bare legs constantly itched. My golden bikini was the perfect outfit for such a hot climate but I never expected to be bitten by thousands of insects or have twigs and sharp leaves brush up against my skin. My smooth legs had become blotchy with sunburn and covered with small pimples that cried out for me to scratch them.

There were six of us in all, completely lost, with no idea whether we were heading out of, or further into, the thick dense jungle.

There was my friend Stephanie. She was tall with long blonde hair, and a slim tum. I was secretly jealous of her figure but kept quiet about it. She was one of those rare women that was naturally beautiful without the necessity of dieting or exercise. Before that day I would have said she was the luckiest woman in the world. If it wasn't for my jealousy we would have been closer friends.

There was also Lisa. I held no jealousy toward her because she was short and plump. Her breasts were small too and at certain angles she looked like a boy especially due to her short hairstyle. I personally got on well with her but she did have a mean streak in her that was usually directed toward another of our group named Mindy. But her meanness covered a kind heart beneath so people normally liked her once they got to know her properly.

Mindy was similar in appearance to Lisa albeit with larger breasts and shoulder length hair. In many ways they could have been mistaken for sisters with Mindy being the elder. All of Mindy's hatred toward Lisa was only due to Lisa's meanness toward her. Other than that Mindy was a kind person and fun to be around. Her sense of humour was childish and she liked to fool around even under serious circumstances.

Alison was the eldest of all of us and was a kind of motherly figure. At 34 years old she was in no way actually old enough to be any of our mothers but we still felt that affection for her nevertheless. We all looked up to her and she was in charge. On that day she wore an orange bikini, a straw hat, sunglasses and flip flops. She had an hourglass figure but with her being so much older than myself I felt no jealousy, but I would have been more than pleased to have her body shape once I reached her age.

Vonnie was large, not just plump but fat. She had larger than life breasts too that were bigger than her own head and wobbled all over the place even while wearing a secure fitting bra. However she never let her weight hold her back and was popular among men who were mesmerised by her giant rack. She used her assets to her advantage and was successful in her career as well as in her sex life. It was very likely that she had had more boyfriends than the rest of us ever had between us.

"Please wait up!" I shouted at my friends who had gained some considerable ground ahead of me.

"We have to keep moving!" Stephanie yelled back, "Try and keep up!"

It was okay for her she was wearing shoes. I had to remove mine due to them being heels and it was difficult to hurry in bare feet. Mindy and Lisa were also without footwear and I wondered how they were so far ahead of me. If they all waited for just a few moments for me to catch up then it would have been all right, but they didn't seem to care. If I suddenly fell ill or hurt myself they would likely not even notice that I was gone. You sure knew who your friends were in survival situations.

To my left was a small steam, we were using it as a navigational aid to stop us wandering in circles among the trees. But we did see some alligators some hours before so I was watchful to keep an eye out just in case any were lurking nearby. None of us were stupid enough to venture into the water itself but even so, I was sure alligators were a threat while on dry land. The distant tree line was high up indicating that there was a hill ahead of us. We hoped it was a gradual incline rather than a steep cliff. Our intention was to get a clear look at the forest once we were on top to see if there were any signs of civilisation around.

"Steph!" I yelled ahead, "Slow just a bit please, I feel I'm on my own back here!"

"Just follow the sound of my voice, okay?!" She shouted back, "And move more quickly!"

The midday sun was unbearable but at least we were shaded by the trees. I still held my damp T-Shirt in my hand which I used to mop my brow. My bikini bottoms were drenched with sweat causing a rash around my crotch which was taking a lot of mental effort not to scratch it as I knew it would only make things worse if I did. Stopping momentarily I removed my bikini top allowing my sweaty breasts to get some much needed fresh air. I was very tempted to take everything off.


Chapter 2 - The Pit

Suddenly I heard an almighty scream followed by lots of shouting. Instinctively I ran ahead, ignoring my exhaustion, towards the source of the sound. It was difficult with the forest being so thick and I had to hold my hands out ahead of me to cushion the blow in case I bumped into a tree.

"Hailey!" Someone screeched my name, "We need you Hailey. Please hurry!"

"I'm coming as fast as I can!" I yelled back.

Stephanie appeared almost from nowhere and grabbed hold of my wrist tightly. Her eyes were streaming with tears while her cheeks were as white as a ghost. There were still more screams and shouting coming from further ahead.

"It's Alison!" Stephanie cried out, "She... you've got to help her... she needs medical attention... hurry!"

"What happened?" I asked her as she led me towards the rest of our friends.

"She's fallen into a trap," Stephanie responded.

I was no doctor, nor even a nurse, but everyone knew I had first-aid training. However without a medical kit I had no idea of what I could possibly do to help.

Stephanie led me to a clearing in the trees where the rest of our friends were waiting. There was a large pit in the ground, about six feet deep, containing long spikes made of bamboo. Without hesitation I ran to the edge of the pit and lowered myself down.

"Please help her!" Stephanie yelled before collapsing to the ground sobbing wildly.

At first it looked as though Alison was standing upright and perfectly well, but as I looked closer the gruesomeness of the spectacle revealed itself. She had been impaled cleanly through her body, in through her crotch and out through her mouth. I half expected everyone to start laughing and reveal it was all a joke but I knew that was not the case. The most baffling thing about it was that there was no blood. She must have fell directly onto the spike that slid right through, killing her instantly, before she even had time to bleed. At least I hoped that was what happened, her eyes were still open after all, and I hoped to dear God that she was already dead.

I took a few tentative steps closer just to make sure. The sweat on her brow dripped down her forehead but that was no clear indication. I stared at her open eyes to see if they blinked. I waited for over a minute while my heart pounded inside. There was still a commotion above with lots of crying but I wasn't listening while I focused upon Alison. I then pressed my hand against her neck, it felt warm, but there was no sign of a pulse. I took a deep breath.

"Can you do anything for her?" Stephanie asked with an almost a childlike tone of voice.

I turned around and was surprised to see she was standing behind me also in the pit.

"She's passed away," I said while forcing myself to remain calm, "It was instant, she didn't suffer."

Stephanie's breathing became erratic while forcing herself to keep composure. I put my arms around her and embraced her in a tight hug.

"None of us are going to make it are we?" She whispered.

"Of course we will," I responded calmly, "We just need to watch our step and take extra care."

Stephanie removed herself from my embrace and looked at Alison's body impaled on the spike, then without any hesitation she hugged her body, talking quietly into her ear. I stood beside Stephanie and stroked her back.

There was then the sound of a creak as Alison's body slipped down upon the spike just slightly. Stephanie quickly jumped back making sure not to lean on her. The spike protruding from Alison's mouth had become more visible tilting her head further back. It was only then that we noticed the blood that filled the hollow bamboo spike. It was very likely that over time her entire body would slip all the way down.

Stephanie couldn't take what was happening and was already climbing out of the pit. I followed her. For a brief moment in the back of my mind I felt tempted to take Alison's shoes but I dismissed the idea immediately. Once Stephanie and myself left the pit we all stood staring at each other. Vonnie stared down at Alison's body, while Lisa and Mindy were afraid to even glance at it.

"Do we bury her?" Lisa said while staring at me.

We had already buried our dead pilot and navigator after the plane crash and now we were going to have to bury a close friend.

"Well," I said, "I think that would be best. We could snap the spike if we lean on it and..."

"No!" Stephanie screeched with her face still in tears, "We can't move her about. It hurts too much to even think of moving her, please don't even suggest that. Her... insides will fall out."

"We could refill the pit turning it into a grave," Vonnie suggested, "But it'll take some considerable time."

"Unfortunately we don't have that long," Mindy said, "We really do need to continue if we are to survive this. Once we reach civilisation we can send a rescue party for her body. Even if she's, well you know, we can still return her remains for a proper funeral once we're safe."

Mindy was right although a bit cold in the way she explained it. We were all in a state of shock but we needed to press ahead and continue with our journey. I turned and looked at Stephanie.

"I'll lead," she said softly and began walking back into the direction of the stream.

"We'll come back for you," I said turning to Alison's body before the rest of us followed Stephanie.


Chapter 3 - Everyone Stinks

Just a few hours later and the sun was beating down at full strength. My entire body poured with sweat and my armpits whiffed like they never had before. I never knew my own body could produce such a pungent smell and I felt I was going to vomit if it went on for any longer. I felt tempted to walk over to the stream on our left just to give myself a quick wash but didn't want to risk it. Instead I occasionally wiped my sweat using my T-shirt which I was carrying in my right hand.

We were all in the same state with sweat oozing from our bodies. Both Lisa and Mindy had removed all of their clothing and were completely naked. I noticed neither of them had pubic hair and were completely smooth. I never understood the point of waxing or shaving that area of the body unless it was to remove the bikini line, but I had never witnessed either of them wearing a bikini before. I wondered if they were less likely to get a sweat rash by being hairless down there or more likely.

As we continued to walk as a group, with Stephanie in front, I noticed she had a noticeable red blotch on her left foot just above the ankle. It was most likely an insect bite or a sting. She then held up her arms while she stretched. None of us had slept more than a few winks since the plane crash and we were all feeling tired.

"I need to go!" Vonnie blurted out in a panic before rushing out of out view among the many trees.

"Where are you going?!" Stephanie yelled out in her direction, "We have to stick together!"

We all stood still for a moment wondering what Vonnie was doing. The silence was then broken by the sound of a long fart followed by liquid diarrhoea spurting onto the ground. Vonnie then made a verbal grunt of relief.

The rest of us looked at each other wondering what do say to cover the embarrassment both she and ourselves were feeling. Mindy opened her mouth as if about to speak then stopped. I imagined she was about to make a funny comment but changed her mind under the circumstances.

There was then another verbal grunt but this time louder than before. Her anus must have been stinging while her stomach ached. There was then a strange sound as though she was doing loud hiccups followed by deep breaths.

"Are you okay Vonnie?!" I called out into her direction.

There was no reply.

"Vonnie?!" I said louder.

There was still no response and she remained completely silent. I had a very bad feeling that something serious may have happened.

"I'm going to check on her," I said, "Everyone remain here, no wandering off now."

I headed into the direction Vonnie went and towards some bushes. Her leg was visible but she didn't appear to be moving. I glanced at the nearby stream and its sloping bank making it very easy for an alligator to climb onto land.

"Vonnie?" I said as I slowly crept closer.

My stomach winced wondering what I would find. The bushes then suddenly started moving rapidly as if something inside was being shaken violently. I stepped closer and with extreme caution peered over the top of the bushes frightened at what I may be about to witness. Inside I could see Vonnie crouching down, with her knickers around her ankles, and a pile of brown diarrhoea at her feet. She was wiggling her bottom from side to side in order to release some of the sticky poop from her bum cheeks. An overpowering smell wafted up causing me to instantly pinch my nose.

"Urgh!" She groaned as more brown liquid shot out of her backside.

She looked up and saw me staring down at her. I quickly jumped back and hurried to the others while she yelled out obscenities.

"Is Vonnie alright?" Lisa asked, "Why is she swearing?"

"She's fine," I quickly responded, "She's still you know... still pooping."

My face was already bright red with embarrassment.

"I'm afraid to say that my stomach's feeling a little temperamental too," Mindy said, "So don't be too shocked if I start plopping some out too. I'll likely do it while walking."

Lisa gave her a very strange look.


Chapter 4 - Petrified

Stephanie appeared quiet. She was standing still looking rather annoyed at having to wait. I smiled at her trying to lighten the mood but she was unresponsive.

"I'm so embarrassed," I said to her as I walked over shaking my head, "Is my face still red?"

Stephanie didn't react to my comment and remained motionless like a statue. I couldn't think of anything to say to make her feel better and I guessed the incident reminded her of what happened to Alison sending her into a state of shock.

"Steph?" I whispered as I touched her shoulder.

I quickly grabbed hold of her as she collapsed into my arms knocking us both onto the ground.

"No!" Lisa yelled out as she rushed over to us both, "Not again. Not again. This can't be happening!"

I clambered to my knees, clasping Stephanie's wrist feeling desperately for her pulse, there wasn't one. She was already dead.

"What happened? What happened?!" Lisa screeched at me for answers, "How did this happen? We were all right here with her!"

I held Stephanie tightly in my arms while my face streamed with hot tears.

"I saw it!" I shouted, "I saw it, so why didn't I do anything? Why am I so stupid?!"

"What did you see?" Mindy asked as she ran over to us.

"The swelling on her foot," I said, "She's been bitten or stung by something. I saw the red mark so why didn't I do anything?"

I cradled Stephanie's limp body. My tears flooded from my eyes, down my cheeks, and onto my naked breasts leaving a shiny trail.

"There was nothing you could've done," Mindy said while rubbing my shoulder, "It's not your fault."

Lisa instantly ran into the trees not being able to cope with the grief she felt.

"Don't go too far!" Mindy yelled at her.

I kissed Stephanie on the cheek and thought about all the wonderful times we had. If only we had gone to Vegas instead of this crazy excursion then we could have gambled our money away instead of our lives. It was all my fault.

There was screaming from the trees ahead of us. Lisa was in an extreme state of distress and sobbing loudly.

"I better go and comfort her," Mindy said.

I nodded my head in response.

"Are you going to be alright?" She added while crouching down next to me.

"Just give me a few moments," I said quietly.

Mindy stood herself up and rushed ahead in the same direction Lisa had went while I continued to embrace Stephanie's body. After about a minute I rested her body flat onto the ground. We were going to have to collect her later once we found civilisation, but I dreaded to think what state she would be in. There may not have been much left of her if anything.


Chapter 5 - Dinner Time

Suddenly there was a horrific bloodcurdling scream from Mindy. I quickly rushed into the direction of the scream in order to see what was wrong.

"Where are you?!" I shouted as I couldn't see anything ahead of me other than the dense trees.

I looked down and couldn't believe my eyes. Lisa was laying face up on the ground while a gigantic snake was pulling at her feet with its jaws. It then opened its mouth wide and lurched forward sliding up her body and sinking its teeth into her knees. She was in total shock and couldn't scream. Mindy was pulling at her arms trying to get her out of the snake's mouth. Their naked bodies were covered head to foot with sweat helping the snake swallow Lisa with ease while she slipped from Mindy's grip.

I hesitated not believing what was happening before I too grabbed at Lisa's arm.

"Pull harder!" I yelled at Mindy who was panicking and screaming loudly.

"It's biting her legs!" She yelled.

Lisa's eyes stared fixated upon Mindy. The snake then lurched forward once more digging its fangs into Lisa's thighs.

"No you fucking don't!" Mindy yelled as she jumped on top of Lisa's body.

Lisa's arm slipped out of my hand while Mindy knelt over her face gripping her head with her crotch. She then leant over her and grabbed Lisa's hips. They were now in a sixty-nine position as the snake lurched forward again taking them both into its mouth.

Rather than attempt to pull Lisa out I tried another approach and ran around the back of the snake pulling against its tail. However it was extremely heavy and my efforts weren't having any effect.

"Mindy!" I screamed, "Lisa!"

Lisa remained silent, but was clearly still alive, while Mindy let out a deep groan. I could hear the snapping of bones.

With one mighty effort I lifted the snake's tail and began pulling, only to be knocked to the ground as it swung it from side to side. There was then another sound of bones being crushed, then another, as the snake lurched itself forward.

I jumped to my feet and quickly ran around to the front of the snake ready to pull Lisa's arms once more. Both of them were inside the snake's mouth with only Lisa's head and arms, along with Mindy's feet, still visible. They were kicking violently as the snake slid forward once more and gulped them down. Mindy's screams were still audible as I saw the large mound within the snake's mouth slide down its neck into its stomach.

I collapsed onto the floor in a heap ready for it to consume me. My breaths were heavy waiting for the snake to move closer but it remained totally still. It was full. I was disappointed, there was no way I could live the rest of my life after witnessing such a horrific sight, I wanted to die too. I then remembered Vonnie so I jumped to my feet and ran back to her.


Chapter 6 - Disease

It took me a while to find my way but got my sense of direction back once I saw Stephanie's dead body lying where I had left it.

"Vonnie?!" I yelled, "We've got to go now. You can shit while we're walking. Come on!"

I headed into the direction of the bushes and could still see her crouching down.

"We need to go now!" I yelled.

I poked my head over the top of the bushes then looked down at her. She was completely still while her eyes remained tightly closed. Around her feet was a pile of liquid brown diarrhoea intermixed with blood and intestine. Everything was prolapsed causing her to literarily crap out her own insides though her anus and vagina. Even her belly button had burst leaving a gaping hole.

The next thing I remembered I was on the ground puking up spit. I had no vomit for my stomach was empty. The smell of Vonnie's insides wafted around, trapping itself inside my nose, and not letting me take a breath that wasn't encrusted with stench.

My friends were no more and I found myself alone. A small trickle of urine ran down my leg as I clambered back to my feet. It was possible I had caught Vonnie's disease but it didn't cause me any worry.

I casually walked back into the direction we were originally heading, keeping the stream on my left and heading up to the hills. I ignored Stephanie's body and the snake with its still moving belly. I calmly walked past with only one intention on my mind.

My bare feet began to blister while my shoulders ached but that didn't slow me. I walked on and on for the entire afternoon before I reached the base of the hill and began steadily ascending to the top. I never once stopped to rest or to wipe my brow. My mind was completely silent not once questioning myself.

When I reached the top of the hill I turned left towards a waterfall that led down the steep slope into the stream below. Alligators we visible as if knowing they were soon to get a meal. I let out no scream as I jumped and felt no pain as the alligators ripped apart my already dead body.



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