Muliebris Kingdom.
Copyright 2012, 2018 by Raymond Johnson. Fifth edition.
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Dedicated to everyone at the Lulu forums for giving me constant encouragement.

"As every divided kingdon falls, so every mind divided between studies confounds and saps itself." Leonardo da Vinci.

Constant petty squabbles and a fierce struggle for dominance takes place in the mighty Muliebris Kingdom that threatens to tear it apart. The perfect society is a place of wonder and riches where everyone is free to be naked in front of one another and express their love without fear or embarrassment. However, despite the love they feel, the three rulers secretly despise one another and want the kingdom for themselves. During the midst of their power struggle the kingdom is attacked by a group of enemies known as the Heevans who are merciless in their slaughter of the innocent. Will the rulers be able to put their differences aside and defend the kingdom?

This intentionally quirky story, filled with confusing moments, contains sexual references as well as scenes involving urination and defecation. All becomes clear however in the dramatic story twist on the final pages.



Chapter 1 - A New Home

Gazing I looked up into the clear blue sky whilst trying to catch my breath. The blazing sun was unbearable heating my naked skin and I wasn't sure how much longer I would last before collapsing with heatstroke. The forest was overgrown with trees in every direction and the more I walked the more I felt disorientated. The sounds of birds and monkeys screamed at me with a constant deafening noise hurting my ears. With my mouth dry I was in desperate need of water. I couldn't go on for much longer, I had no choice, I was going to have to make the forest my home.

I stopped still and looked down at the ground beneath my feet. It was covered with dried leaves and loose soil. I was going to have to dig and build myself shelter, something that would protect me from the hot sun as well as the upcoming rains. It didn't need to be perfect at first, it could be added to once I had settled in. I bent forward and began to brush the surface, moving the leaves out of the way before digging the soil. It was exhausting work made all the more difficult due to my pregnancy. I needed more than a shelter for myself but also a place to bring up my children for we were all going to have to live in the forest for quite some time.

My fingers became encrusted with dirt but I had nothing else to dig with. The small hole very gradually became deeper, but I was already feeling contractions and was worried I may not finish on time. It was perfectly possible to give birth in the middle of the forest, in the open air, but that would be no safe place for a child. I needed to build a shelter quickly.

"Do you require aid?!" A female voice called out from among the surrounding trees.

I looked ahead but at first couldn't see anyone. Then two figures stepped out from behind a large tree, both of them naked and pregnant like myself.

"Who... who are you?" I asked cautiously.

It wasn't our custom to speak to strangers and I wondered why they offered me aid.

"My name is Lola," one of them said.

"And I am Wynn," said the other.

I could tell they were close friends by the way they looked at one another and held hands.

"And whom are we addressing?" Lola asked me.

"My name's Catrin," I replied, "I'm destined to become queen of a mighty kingdom, yet at this present time my luck eludes me. I will happily accept any aid you are able to offer, and you will be rewarded most handsomely."

They both turned to face each other, then while holding both hands they softly pressed their pregnancy bumps together. They giggled with bright happy faces. They were clearly delighted to help others in need. I was lucky to meet them.

"You need not worry," Lola said, "For we will both help you dig shelter. We care for no reward. All we ask in return is your friendship."

They both walked over to me and we exchanged kisses before continuing to dig away at the soil enlarging the hole. With all three of us sharing the work it wasn't long before a safe place was dug where all three of us were able to give birth to our many offspring.


Chapter 2 - Grave News

That day had grown into a distant memory and the two years that passed flew by. I now had my kingdom and was queen, however my gratefulness for Lola and Wynn's generosity meant I shared rule with them, and I was already starting to regret my decision.

There were almost a million of us in the mighty Muliebris Kingdom. There were magnificent monuments, roadways, bridges, farms and homes for all our inhabitants. We even had an army of highly skilled trained solders that were willing to fight to the death in order to protect our kingdom. There was no hunger, no poverty, and no one without employment.

Yet rather than a feeling of pride I felt a deep resentment of having to share my rule with two others. I didn't hate them, in fact I felt a deep love within my heart for them both, it was just not within our nature to share.

I awoke in my bedroom chamber to the soothing massage of one of my handmaidens rubbing mucus over my naked body. I was pregnant again and my personal maid's spit was good for my overstretched skin. Besides, I enjoyed it, rather more than I was prepared to admit. I closed my eyes and basked in pleasure while my maid continued rubbing her gooey hands around my bulge only stopping momentarily to re-moisten her palms.

"Catrin have you regained your senses?" Lola asked me from the far side of the bedroom chamber.

My maid bowed her head then scampered away as I heaved myself out of bed. She was very shy and I often never got the chance to thank her.

"I have awoken from my slumber," I replied to Lola, "And am fully refreshed."

"I am pleased to hear that," she said, "But I do have some grave news that is most distressing to hear."

I took a deep breath and calmly walked over to her corner of our shared chamber. Wynn was still fast asleep in the opposite corner, she would have to be informed of the news later.

"I hear panic within your voice," I told Lola, "Keep your mind filled with calming thoughts while explaining to me the grave events that have taken place."

We were very sensitive to emotional stress and it was important for everyone in our society to remain calm in all circumstances. Lola shook her head vigorously as if to shake out her fear then held out her arms to her sides, stretching them out as far as she could, before resting them upon her hips. Her pregnancy bump wobbled and she sighed loudly.

"I'm attempting to do as you request," she responded, "But alas my mind is distracted by a bloated feeling within my body. I need to defecate to relieve my ache."

I was going to have to wait until she finished before hearing the distressing news. I rested my hands on her shoulders while two of her personal handmaidens hurried over and stood behind her. Lola gritted her teeth and squeezed a number of times before sighing with relief. The chamber began to smell of her waste but it would soon clear due to our wonderful air conditioning system.

One of her maids carried her bodily waste carefully in her cupped hands removing it from the room, while her other maid cleaned her orifice with her tongue. Lola waited until her personal maid completed her task before continuing to speak.

"I'm no longer bloated," Lola said, "I will now attempt to communicate with you the grave news while contemplating calmness."

Lola shook her head and stretched out her arms once more before speaking.

"The outskirts of our wonderful kingdom has been attacked with violence," she said calmly, "It has come to my attention that the Heevans have destroyed vast areas at random and many lives have been lost, including civilians and the young."

I bowed down and rested my hands upon my head. It was now me that had to calm myself to suppress my rage. I took lots of deep breaths which proved difficult due to my heart racing with panic. I stretched out my arms and started hitting at the air, punching at it, imagining it was a Heevan.

"Do not distress yourself!" Lola quickly said, "Remember to think of calming thoughts. Our society is based upon peace and harmony, violence is natural but it requires control not acts of randomness!"

I stopped instantly and allowed her to wrap her arms around me in a loving embrace. We were in love, and had urges to mate, but our pregnancies required males. Mating with females was a fruitless act.

"You're my backbone in these trying times," I said to her softly as she held me, "I need you more than anyone else. Though I don't like to admit it, you're more important to our society than Wynn who I believe may have grown weary with age."

We both turned to face her. She was still sleeping without a care in the world while her personal warrior guard stood at her side standing proud to attention. I wondered why Wynn felt the need for personal security, did she not trust us?

"How many lost their lives in the Heevan attack?" I asked Lola as I turned back to face her.

She looked down, then to the chamber wall not wishing to make direct eye contact with me, for she knew the answer would cause me further distress.

"All I am willing to say is many," she said whilst tenderly stroking my arm with care.

"Will our kingdom recover?" I quickly asked.

"Yes," she replied, "Our numbers may have dwindled and our infrastructure damaged, but lives can be replenished, and buildings rebuilt. So long as the Heevans never return. Our armies are, well, not strong enough to repel another attack."

"I'll do all that I can," I said while forcing myself to remain calm, "Everything that is expected of a queen."

Lola smiled at me sweetly before letting go of our embrace. One of her handmaidens instinctively returned and stood at her side ready to help her into bed. Lola looked at her then turned her gaze back toward me.

"I really must take my slumber now," she said, "I grow weary with my duties. I wish you a pleasant day."

I nodded my head.

"Will you inform Wynn when she wakes?" She asked.

"I do not wish to burden Wynn with the news," I replied, "I have other plans for her, and now especially under the circumstances those plans grow more urgent. Do not concern yourself and rest your tired body."

Lola's maid helped her into bed and sat at her side while she drifted into sleep. I could see her pregnant belly was larger than mine and fully understood how tired she felt. Wynn on the other hand hadn't given birth in quite some time and was sleeping all too often taking up valuable recourses. She was surplus to our society.


Chapter 3 - Power Struggle

Letting out a tired yawn I calmly walked around our shared chamber then squatted down to urinate. I relaxed my muscles letting my pee spurt out. Before it even had chance to reach the floor one of my personal maids rushed out and rested in front of me with her mouth open gulping down my urine. It was more hygienic than letting it spill onto the chamber floor and she found it refreshing. It was mutually beneficial. She jumped to her feet when I finished and bowed her head before leaving the room. I wondered for a moment how she dealt with her own hygiene needs, it wasn't as though there were any lavatories in our kingdom. Perhaps we could build some when repairing the damage caused by the Heevans.

I sat myself down and looked toward Wynn while she slept in her soft bed, then toward the mighty female warrior guard that stood at her side. She would no doubt fight to the death anyone who intended to cause Wynn harm. She was large and muscular and could easily kill me if she had the desire, however I intended to use her strength to my advantage. As I continued to stare she noticed me and engaged eye contact. I gave her a sweet smile which she did not return. Instead she stopped looking at me and continued to stare ahead.

"What's your name?" I asked her.

She turned to face me again. Her expression had a strong air of confidence about it, which matched her powerful body along with the rest of her appearance.

"I do not possess the esteemed luxury of a name nor do I require one," she said with a firm tone, "I am here to serve, nothing more."

She turned her gaze and faced directly ahead.

"I require your presence," I said while pointing toward the ground in front of my feet.

Before moving from her spot she turned toward Wynn who was still sound asleep then walked over to me. It only took her a few strides with her long legs which I found to be a very attractive feature of her body. They were smooth and reflected the light in the chamber giving them a sensual appearance. She stood in front of me, tall and confident, with immaculate posture.

"What is your need that requires my attendance?" She asked without even a hint of being timid.

"I take it you overheard the grave news," I said, "How do you feel about the situation?"

"Nothing would give me more pleasure than to fight the ones known as Heevans," she said, "But duty dictates that my place is at my queen's side and I will protect her with my life."

"And does that honourable duty of which you are proud also apply to Lola and myself?" I asked.

She hesitated before replying as though she had to think it over. It was the first time her confidence lapsed.

"Oh, of course," she said, "You and Lola are also queens and I would gladly give my life in your service, but Wynn is my own personal queen. She gave birth to me. It's only natural that I'm more loyal to her."

I took a large intake of breath. I was going to have to take extra care with my next request in case things turned bad. One wrong word from me and she may very likely have taken my head off.

"Wynn proved a valuable asset in the past," I said, "But recently has grown surplus to the needs of our kingdom. I would like her to be removed and it would be better for her if you perform the deed. Execute her immediately while she sleeps and you'll be free to join the rest of your comrades and war with the Heevans."

"Never!" She responded sharply.

I looked up at her and gave her a strong stare.

"You will obey me!" I told her.

She hunched her shoulders and bent down so we were face to face. I could see the anger within her eyes. She couldn't believe I suggested such a thing and her internal fury would soon turn to rage. My heart was pounding heavily inside my chest while I tried to repress my fear.

"You're very attractive," I said, "Beautiful in fact."

She wasn't sure of what to make of my remark and knew full well I was trying to distract her. In the corner of my eye I saw her hand move toward her weapon. Lurching forward I wrapped my arms tightly around her naked body and pressed my lips firmly against hers. She wiggled whist trying to remove me. After much struggling she managed to unclasp our kiss, however I was still holding onto her tightly.

"No!" She yelled at me, "You are not my queen!"

I managed another kiss, followed by another, then pressed my lips tightly against hers, forming a seal, and passing saliva into her mouth. She grabbed hold of my body then stood upright physically lifting me from the chamber floor. I wiggled my feet in the air while continuing with the forced kiss passing more and more of my spit into her mouth until it overflowed and dribbled down both our chins. Eventually she had no choice but to swallow.

As she lowered me back down to the floor I released my kiss and we both stared into each other's eyes. I hoped I managed to persuade her for she would likely kill me on the spot if I hadn't.

"My queen," she said with confidence, "Your request, your order in fact, shall be granted with haste."

A single tear reflected in the light. She was fully aware of what had taken place between us and knew her decisions were being influenced, but she now had no choice to obey me.

She rushed over to the corner of the chamber where her mother Wynn slept, then with one swift movement of her razor sharp weapon sliced off her head. I was glad it was fast and Wynn didn't suffer any pain, but I did feel bad for her unborn children inside her pregnant belly. I stared with a look of shock on my face even though it was really of my own doing.

"You did the right thing," I told the warrior guard as she wiped the blood from her blade, "It was for the sake this kingdom and for us all."

In almost an instant Wynn's handmaidens sensed her demise and scuttled into the room. They rushed over to her bed and calmly wrapped her body in preparation for burial. The warrior guard walked back over to me. I held out my arms and we pressed our bodies together in an emotional embrace for she had lost her mother while I had lost a friend.

"You did what was honourable and I'm proud of you," I told her to calm any doubts she may have been feeling.

Her slim non-pregnant body was shapely with a narrow waist and it had been a very long time since I looked that way. I desired her and wanted her to share my bed, but it was inappropriate for she was a warrior and I was now her queen. I rested my hand against her hip and calmly stroked it with my fingers. She gently sighed with pleasure knowing what I was thinking.

"You may now take your leave," I said, "And you can join your fellow soldiers and defend our kingdom against those marauding Heevans."

"Thank you," she said in response.

I smiled.

"If you need me to carryout a similar duty it would be an honour to serve you again," she said as she nodded her head toward Lola who was now fast asleep unaware as to what had just taken place.

"That won't be necessary!" I quickly said while shaking my head, "Lola's an important asset to our society, but I will keep what you said in mind for the future."

The warrior guard bowed her head with respect then calmly left the chamber. More maids then rushed into the room brushing by me and attended to the removal of Wynn's bedding as well as other possessions she owned. They were all to be recycled, nothing went to waste in our kingdom.

I grew weary of the tragic but necessary events that had taken place and needed to rest. I hobbled back over to my bed while steadying my huge pregnancy bump, then climbed on top. It wasn't too long before I was fast asleep.


Chapter 4 - Heevan Attack

Many hours later I awoke to the sound of distant screams echoing from the far reaches of our kingdom. Clearly the Heevans had returned and were attacking with more force. Just as long as myself and Lola were protected then our kingdom would recover, but the loss of so many lives was a heavy burden and I wasn't sure I could cope mentally with the loss. Stress could so easily cause me to miscarry, which in turn would cause me more distress and to miscarry again in a continuous loop of despair.

My tummy winced and I felt an overpowering urge to defecate. I leant over the side of my bed and relaxed my muscles. After breaking wind a number of times my waste spurted out onto the floor of the chamber filling the air with a ghastly smell. The liquid diarrhoea then formed a puddle around my bare feet.

It wasn't until then that I realised something was wrong. My handmaidens hadn't rushed to assist me, in fact they were nowhere in sight. They couldn't have joined in the battle with the Heevans because they were not soldiers. There was no reason for them to not be around.

I then noticed the vacant bed on the opposite side of the chamber. Lola was also missing. The very reason we had maids was to assist with our daily lives giving us no reason to leave the chamber. There were only two reasons for any of us to leave. The first was if we died, and the second was if we decided to abandon the kingdom and start afresh. But would Lola have done such a thing and left me alone?

With my handmaidens gone it was clear she must have enslaved them with her hypnotic kiss just as I had done with the warrior guard. I was now obsolete just as Wynn was before me. I wondered how many of my subjects still respected me and if our kingdom would recover. But without my handmaidens I was surely soon to perish, because I was unable to feed myself let alone clean up my own waste.

The distant screams grew louder. Our paradise was crumbling around me and there was nothing I could do. I simply waited hoping for a swift death.

"My queen!" A voice yelled out as someone entered the chamber.

It was the warrior guard standing tall and looking proud. I rushed over to her and we embraced tightly. Her body felt hot and moist with sweat.

"We need to evacuate immediately!" She said in a panic, "Our army has failed and our kingdom is collapsing around us. We cannot win this war. We have no choice but to retreat!"

We were both standing in my body waste but it didn't appear to bother the warrior guard. With all that was going on she was more concerned about my safety than the ghastliness of what she was standing in.

"I can't leave this place," I told her, "I'll surely die without a secure chamber and personal handmaidens. And I cannot travel with my pregnancy."

"We'll have to try!" She responded, "I can't abandon because I... because I'm in love with you. You're my queen now and I shall never leave you."

There was a heavy sound as something began to vibrate the roof of the chamber. Within moments the roof collapsed on top of us. The warrior guard stood over me protecting me from the falling debris. Bright sunlight then shone down as the gaping hole in the roof revealed the sky.

"My queen. Are you injured?!" She shouted.

I was coughing and spluttering with a mouth full of dirt. The warrior guard looked down at me with concern on her face. She genuinely loved me and was my heroine.

"Make your way out of the chamber!" She yelled, "I'll carry you to safety!"

Very slowly I crawled on my pregnant belly away from her and towards the doorway with her at my side. She then attempted to lift me but stopped as a creature looked down at us both from the gaping hole in the roof. I had been grossly misinformed about our enemy. I had no idea why Lola referred to them Heevans, she was clearly mistaken for I knew exactly what they were. These giant menacing creatures were humans.

My heroic warrior guard instantly bent over and bravely sprayed acid from her abdomen directly against the human's skin. However the creature didn't even react and quite possibly wasn't even aware that it was being attacked.

"Leave now quickly my queen! I'll follow..." She didn't even reach the end of her sentence before she was instantly crushed flat spreading her innards over the chamber floor.

"Noooooo!" I screamed out in tears.

The human disappeared from view allowing the light from the clear sky above enter the chamber once more. Our mighty ant kingdom was no more and my babies would be born to a dying mother for my grief could not be repressed. I crawled over to what was left of my saviour and laid on top of her flat body before passing into a deep sleep.



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