Fairy Dance.
Copyright 2017, 2018 by Raymond Johnson. Second edition.
Cover picture provided by Robin Wight.

Dedicated to everyone at the Lulu forums for their continued encouragement.

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale." - Hans Christian Anderson.

A very excited person is filled with childish joy when encountering fairies at the bottom of the garden. They are deliriously happy and share a joyful dance while birds sing above. This soon reaches its conclusion when this happy person is forced to face reality once more breaking their joyful mood.



Author's Notes - The Writing Process

Thank you for reading my short story, I hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to reading more of my web based books. I have many available spanning a wide variety of genres. This summarisation of my writing contains spoilers so if you haven't read the story yet please don't read any further.

This very short, single chapter, story was originally a blog entry. At the time I had the idea of posting short stories for my blog but the more I wrote the more I felt the stories would be better suited on a website. This particular story however didn't contain the kind of plotline that could be padded without ruining the ending so I still kept it in its original short form. The chapter title was added simply for the sake of consistency with the layout and formatting with other books on this site.

The main character was originally going to be a girl dancing in the garden, but I needed a reason for her to not realise what she was looking at weren't fairies after all so I felt a drunken man was better suited, so long as the reader wasn't aware of that fact beforehand then I felt the ending twist would still work.

Incidentally I love writing about fairies. The mythical lore tends to vary but generally speaking they are peaceful, innocent, sweet creatures that cause no harm, yet at the same time are mysterious timid beings with a tendency to remain out of sight to non-believers.


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