(C)2018 by Raymond Johnson. First edition.
Cover photo provided by Justin Horrocks. (iStock Photo).

To Squeaky.

“The caterpillar has to suffer silently in a cocoon in order to become a butterfly. Change is painful but worth it in the end.” – Jaykaren Sagar.

Set mere days after the events told in bee this story follows Vanessa as she is tormented by her own conscience wonding if she has done the right thing. She feels ashamed with herself at having lied to Nozomi and tries to make amends. After sharing a picnic however Nozomi reveals that she is pregnant claiming that Venessa is the father of her unborn child.

chrysalis is a short story that supliments bee in the form of a sequel. Click on the chapter links at the top of the screen to read. Enjoy.

This story is a work in progress.