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Copyright 2009, 2018 by Raymond Johnson. Seventh edition.
Kurai cover photo provided by Riskms. (iStockphoto.com).
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To Ashie Pie.

“I had two online friends both named DustyRosa and never realised they were different people.” – Mimi S. Moderator of BookTalk forums.

High-class escort Lisa B is intrigued by a very unusual request from her latest client. She has been asked to take over the identity of someone who doesn’t actually exist, go on a date with a woman who’s in love and totally smitten with this nonexistent person, then make love with her even though neither of them are lesbian. Lisa B’s curiosity gets the better of her and she takes up the client on his request but with so many lies upon lies she finds herself completely unaware as to what really is going on.





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