Author’s Notes – The Writing Process (Contains Spoilers)

Thank you for reading this collection, I hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to reading more of my stories. I have many available via my website and are all free. This summary of my writing contains spoilers so if you haven’t read Kurai yet then don’t read any further.

Kurai (Japanese for dark) is a collection of three erotic stories following the sexual exploits of a young woman named Deborah. Told though the eyes of an escort named Lisa, Deborah herself, and a bisexual man named Kevin.

Usagi (Japanese for rabbit) was my first attempt at erotica. It was initially a short story with its main premise of getting two straight women to perform lesbian sex while a voyeur watches via a spy cam. While writing however I realised I could add some mystery to the story and have a clever twist at the end. I was worried that the plot was overly complicated, with characters telling lies upon lies, but from reader feedback it’s clear they have understood it. Whilst creating a new edition I decided to give the main character Lisa a little more depth, describing her home life in more detail as well as slowing down the erotic scenes themselves. The story doubled in size but I kept the original for posterity and included it in this collection as a bonus story. One thing I felt was important for the plotline was to not mention any opinion as to the morality of prostitution. There were advantages as the character Lisa B mentioned, such as being rich and living in luxury, but there were negatives too. I could have easily gone into lots more detail about different kinds of prostitutes and mentioned pimps, drugs, etc, but I wasn’t writing a morality tale.

Yousei (Japanese for fairy) originally started out as four short stories in episodic form, continuing exactly where the previous left off. I later combined them as one book under the one title then realised it would make a great prequel to Usagi. The original contained more references to toilet sex including scat but later realised didn’t work as the scene itself became unrealistic and practically comedy. I removed the scene for this web edition but kept the urination chapter in place. Deborah was a strong confident character in Usagi but with this being a prequel I tweaked her character a little giving her lots of self doubts.

Dorei (Japanese for slave) goes off at a complete tangent from the other two stories focusing more on male sexuality, with bisexual sex scenes, rather than lesbian erotica as with Usagi and Yousei. As with Yousei it was still a prequel of the first story so while Deborah had clearly grown in confidence, she was still not yet an escort as she was in Usagi. I also loved the idea of describing her appearance through male eyes as it was something I had not been able to do with the other stories. One of the unique aspects of this story is the timescale of the events taking place. With the other stories I had the plotline taking take place over days or sometimes weeks while the events of what’s happening to the main character slowly sink in, giving gradual character growth, but with this story I wanted the main character’s personality to be fully established right from the start with only a slight degree of character growth in the short allotted time. So, apart from the initial chapters, the main plot takes place within just one evening. This is the first time I’ve structured any of my stories that way and it’s quite a task to squeeze everything into a realistic timescale. Initially whilst writing I didn’t know how to end the story and faded to black’ on the last chapter. Later I realised I could end it on chapter 13 but with this web version I’ve put the last two chapters back in place.

Incidentally you may have noticed that the description of Deborah’s breast size and the shape of her nipples varied greatly between each story depending on which character was viewing them. I’m sure straight, lesbian and bisexual people see them in different ways as well as people’s own personal preference influencing what they notice.

Related to the Japanese theme you may have noticed that while Deborah is clearly not a Japanese name it was never abbreviated to Deb. With her being of Japanese descent she never abbreviated names, neither her own nor others. The only time this rule was broken was when she referred to Kevin as Kev but that was because it was the name he used to introduce himself.

One of my pet peeves about literotica is the over use of swear words to describe parts of the body. I’ve read many wonderfully detailed erotic stories online that were totally ruined by an inappropriate c-word. With these books written in first-person I was able to avoid certain over uses of crude terminology simply by having the main characters use their own choices. In Dorei the main character Kevin was overly embarrassed to say certain words in front of Deborah. I even inserted a line where she points out to him that she doesn’t mind a particular word he was too shy to say. In many ways his embarrassment was simply an extension of my own whilst trying to convey a hardcore sex story without swearing too much. Another pet hate of mine is the use of dildos and strapons within lesbian sex scenes so I made sure not to even give them a mention. A lot of male writers can’t grasp the concept of two women having sex without a penis-like object involved and I know this annoys a lot of people.

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