Following the course of a sexually frustrated woman’s sex life, this trilogy of stories details her erotic adventures as she delves ever deeper into the secret world of sadomasochism, increasing her sexual appetite and leading to a dramatic conclusion. As well as her own story of her initiation into BDSM culture, events are also described by a male sex slave who befriends her, as well as a female escort she meets along the way.

The first story, Usagi, is told through the point of view of a female escort who has been hired by her client to befriend another woman and make love with her under the guise of being someone else entirely. While technically speaking the story is a sequel of the other two it’s designed to be read first as to not spoil its ending.

The second story, Yousei, is told through her own eyes describing her initiation into the complex and confusing world of sadomasochism. It includes detailed sex scenes as well as scenes of humiliation.

The final story, Dorei, is told by a bisexual male who fakes being submissive in order to attend a sex party where he meets the young lady and befriends her.

As a bonus the original short story version of Usagi is included within this collection along with its original cover.

As a word of warning this collection is for adults only and contains references to sex throughout. It was written for fans of literotica and does not hold back when describing scenes involving straight, gay, and lesbian sex.






Author’s Notes