Before you begin your adventure which character would you like to be? The story is totally different depending on who you select so pick wisely or you may seal your doom.

Vernice is a 27 year old female slave. She was orphaned at a very young age and sold into slavely whilst still a child. She has known no other way of life and has enjoyed her servitude. She worked for a baker in the local village up until the time that he passed away leaving her with no employment. She remained in her small hovel hoping another master would take her as his slave but due to her lack of hygiene and ghastly looks no one was willing to take her on. The evil Queen Osberga decided to purchase her from the villagers for a penny and use her for her own horrific amusement.

Sebastian was once a mighty warrior who did his service for the Queen defending her kingdom from attack. After the war he decided to take on the role of a gladiator and fight in honour of the Queen. However it became apparent to him that the Queen was enjoying bloodshed far more than that was natural, and he soon discovered that she was evil. Sebastian threw down his sword and swore he would never fight for the Queen again. She learnt of his treachery and had him arrested and taken to her own palace dungeon in preperation for torture.


Who do you choose to be be?

The slave Vernice?

The gladiator Sebastian?