Set in the days of old lays a kingdom ruled by the evil Queen Osberga who is said to have been spawned by the devil himself. With a reputation of torturing her slaves for her own enjoyment before consuming them in a cannibalistic ritual you find yourself in the most unfortunate position of being her latest purchase. Her palace is considered escape-proof with many failed attempts from previous slaves who were unfortunate enough to be purchased by the Queen. She has guards on patrol, vicious dogs and monster pets but your biggest danger is the Queen herself.

KingDomme is a huge interactive horror story containing extreme violence, gore and sexual content. As the story unfolds you are given options as to what to do next, with each option having a different outcome causing the story to flow into a different direction. If at any point you wish to save your position and continue another time simply bookmark the page you are on within your internet browser. There are many alternative story twists and plotlines, some leading to a happy ending, while most lead to your gruesome demise.

You can play as either a slave named Vernice or Sebastian a mighty gladiator who have been purchased by the evil Queen. Your objective is to find a way to escape her palace unharmed without hanging around to discover if her reputation is true.

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"KingDomme" by Raymond Johnson.
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