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Cheeky Monkey.
Copyright 2011, 2018 by Raymond Johnson. Fourth edition.
Cover photo provided by Stephen Hoerold. (iStock Photo).
Heaven-Sent main cover photo provided by Singhatum. (iStock Photo).

For Margrett.

“Many people don’t believe in fairies, but if you look real close they’re always there.” – Torlila.

Six months after her previous adventures Fairy Girl is forced out of hibernation in order to seek out her monkey friend Speak-No-Evil who has gone missing from the garden. However, it proves to be not such an easy task due to the bad autumn weather as well as the fact that her friend doesn’t appear to want to be found. Along the way she rescues another guardian nymph and meets a wonderful human family, but doesn’t realise the dangers caused by being active at the wrong time of year. Cheeky Monkey is the second part of a trilogy of tales chronicling key aspects of a fairy-like creature’s life, starting from her humble beginnings, leading to her celebrity status, then finally her metamorphosis into legend. Told through her own eyes, which at times look upon the world with a naļve innocent view, these stories explore myth of fairies as well as adding an extra dimension as to their origins.


Chapter 1 – The Story So Far

The market was no safe place to be for me and my friends. We had lived there, up in the rafters looking down at the shoppers for decades, with our happiness bringing a smile to everyone warming their hearts. But the outbreak of war ended all that. The market was targeted by the German Luftwaffe and we had to be liberated for our own safety.

To everyone were mere statues, albeit realistic and very expensive, but mere statues nevertheless. But there was one person who saw us for what we really were, she knew our place wasn’t to be a novelty in a market, and understood we were destined for better things. Her name was Veronique, a refugee evacuated from France just before the war began. Being pure of heart she could sense our life-force, even our very souls, beneath our stony outer shells.

She liberated us all, the three wise monkeys and the three gentle fairies, taking us to her home were we stood for nigh on sixty-eight years as custodians of her beautiful garden. I had lost my right little toe and disjoined my nose due to an accident during our rescue, and my skin had become a light shade of green due to the weather, but my outer appearance wasn’t important as it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

All six of us were happy and content. We wanted for nothing. But during one bright spring day I could smell the salty sea air blowing on the breeze over the garden wall. I had been unaware of the garden’s proximity to the sea and my curiosity got the better of me, I had to see it. I couldn’t simply leave the garden through the back gate because there wasn’t one. I couldn’t walk over to the house and leave that way because that side of the garden was thickly overgrown with prickly bushes as well as a fallen tree. I was just over four feet tall and the garden wall was way over my head. Then a thought came to me, I was a fairy of sorts so I could simply fly over the wall. I knew it wasn’t right, and it felt mischievous in doing such a thing, but my urge to see the sea was strong.

As I opened up my wings and began to fly I felt exhilarated and full of life. When I looked down I realised it wasn’t the sea after all, but a long river winding its way as far as the eye could see in both directions. I wanted to investigate where it led so flew above the river and followed it for as far as I could.

My wings began to tire so I rested upon the very top of a large bridge out of eyeshot of the people on the ground, or so I thought. Then later returned home back to the garden feeling full of blissful joy. That night however my thoughts were distracted and I couldn’t calm my mind. I spent the entire night awake looking forward to my next excursion.

The very moment it was daylight I left the garden a second time flying into the opposite direction. My body tingled with excitement the faster I flew. It seemed there was no limit to how fast I could fly and I zoomed through the air like a bullet, until I suddenly got a twinge in my back where my wings attached to my body. I had no choice but to land in order to rest and cool my wings. To my left was a beach but to the right were empty factory buildings and a deserted area of waste ground, the perfect place to descend. I had to take extra care not to step onto broken glass because I was still capable of hurting myself whilst not in statue form. During my rest I received a shock when I discovered a young boy staring at me. He was wearing dirty clothing and had a snotty nose. His tears streamed down his face while bawling out his eyes in pure terror of what he witnessed before him. He had no idea what I was, with my green skin and pointed wings, he was afraid that I may hurt him. I had to fight back my urge to give him a reassuring hug. Instead I flew up into the air, despite the aching pain in my back, then flew for home.

On the way, just before entering my garden I saw a pile of rubbish spread out in the street. I wanted to clean it up for I hated mess, but it was going to have to wait until after I had fully rested.

The following day after a blissful slumber I remembered the mess in the street outside and decided to go and clean it up. I didn’t intend to fly that day but just a short hover over the garden wall wouldn’t be enough to ache my wings. Dark clouds passed overhead so I rushed over the wall intending to clear the rubbish before the rain started. Whilst clearing the mess in the street I noticed a stuffed toy in the gutter. As I bent down to retrieve it I realised it was a dead cat. I stood in total shock not knowing how to cope with the emotion I was feeling. Being the creature I was I wasn’t capable of crying, but I knew if I were capable I would have been doing so for my heart felt heavy. My fairy sisters in the garden sensed my distress and instantly reformed from stone into flesh before flying out of the garden and wrapping their arms around me. Each of us were silent yet cried out inside our minds. We took the cat into our garden and gave it a burial while my eldest fairy sister gave a verbal prayer to mother nature. The cat’s soul departed while its body returned to the earth from whence it came.

Still in a state of distress we went straight into hibernation and didn’t wake until late spring. I still had a cloud of sadness hanging over me that I needed to shake off. I knew that I enjoyed flying so decided to make another trip into the air making certain to keep my speed at a comfortable pace and to never over do it. I flew into the direction of the city once more, knowing that if I did need to rest I could do so on top of a bridge again out of view of the people below.

I was then greeted with a pleasant yet unusual surprise and for a moment couldn’t believe my eyes. Below me I spotted a crowd of hundreds of fairy-like creatures such as myself intermingling with human beings. I had no idea humans were so willing to accept beings such as myself. With caution I circled above out of their line of sight then swooped down fast landing onto the ground hidden between a large building and a brick wall.

I noticed something odd about the fairies. At first glance it looked as though most of them had their wings upside down, but within moments it dawned on me that they were in fact fake wings and the fairies were really just ordinary people in costumes. I closed my wings and made sure they were firmly folded before mingling with everyone.

My smile was ear to ear while fascinated with the people around me. There was something about seeing ordinary people dressed as fairies that gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

I realised I was attending a convention where fairy fanatics met up in costume and paraded themselves while purchasing items associated with fairies. The huge building housed a large hall and when the doors opened there was a scramble to get to the front of the queue.

Eventually, after quite some time, I reached the front of the line and headed inside. To my surprise I realised why the convention had been taking place. I saw a very large poster upon the wall of myself, silhouetted against the sun, whilst standing upon a bridge. The picture had been taken from quite some distance away and enlarged to such an extent that I wasn’t recognizable. The convention wasn’t about fairies in general but was specifically about me.

As I mingled further I discovered that the name Fairy Girl had been given to the image in the photograph and people believed her to be a genuine fairy.

I then spotted a large television screen, in the middle of the hall, displaying a continuous slideshow of images of the so-called Fairy Girl. Many were genuinely of myself, but still completely unrecognisable due to the picture being taken from such a distance, while some were of birds, and one an obvious hoax.

I felt delight at how the pictures made people feel. I had spread happiness among so many people without even being aware of it.

While still viewing the slideshow a teenage girl sat beside me mumbling under her breath. She was clearly distressed saying that Fairy Girl wasn’t real and the whole thing was a charade. I tried to console her but she was unresponsive.

Later, when I left the show, I realised I was going to have to hide before taking flight, but as I began walking away I saw the girl again sitting upon a bench alone and looking deeply upset. I tried to console her once more but to no avail. My heart sank and I felt a deep empathy for her. So many visitors to the convention left with happy thoughts but it had only given her misery.

I decided there was only one way to make her happy and to believe in fairies. In front of her and the rest of the crowd I unfolded my wings and took off into the air. She and everyone else at the convention witnessed me take flight. I could see the happiness on her face as she screamed out with pure joy. I sprinkled my fairy dust then headed for home.


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