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Guardian Nymph.
Copyright 2013, 2018 by Raymond Johnson. Fourth edition.
Cover photo provided by Amys. (iStock Photo).
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For Elsie Wright & Frances Griffiths.

“Fairies use bodies of a density that we should describe, in non-technical language, as of a lighter than gaseous nature, but we should be entirely wrong if we thought them in consequence unsubstantial. In their own way they are as real as we are.” – Arthur Conan Doyle.

During a particularly bitter winter and whilst deep in hibernation the creature known only as Fairy Girl receives an anonymous telepathic message from a fellow guardian. The younger brother of a friend has been involved in a serious accident and may not have long to live. The message takes the form of a desperate prayer pleading with God to send an angel. Ignoring the many dangers of being active during winter Fairy Girl speeds to the rescue to be at the boy’s side only to discover she is now seen as a guardian angel sent from Heaven. Without the verbal dexterity to explain what she really is, and not being fully sure herself, Fairy Girl finds herself in a quandary and needs the help of others of her kind to find the answers. Guardian Nymph is the third and final part in a trilogy of tales chronicling key aspects of a fairy-like creature’s life, starting from her humble beginnings, leading to her celebrity status, then finally her metamorphosis into legend. Told through her own eyes, which at times look upon the world with a naive innocent view, these stories explore myth of fairies as well as adding an extra dimension as to their origins.


Chapter 1 – The Story So Far

It was once a bustling market selling everything anyone could possibly want, from shoelaces to fresh eggs and everything between. For hundreds of years it had been the focus of the town bringing in trade from miles around. But the outbreak of war put an end to that forcing it to close its doors for one last time becoming nothing more than an empty shell. The six statues that lined the entrance remained on their perch, lonely and unappreciated, feeling abandoned by society until one day a woman named Veronique decided to rescue them. With help from others all six statues were removed and hidden in the safety of a garden where they sat for the next sixty-eight years.

Three of these statues were in the form of the three wise monkeys, See-No-Evil, Hear-No-Evil and Speak-No-Evil, while the other three, myself among them, took the form of three gentle fairies. In fact the statues themselves were just an outer skin made from stone that housed our true selves within. We were guardian nymphs with fragile bodies that had no choice but to live within another object. Over the years we had grown accustomed to our outer shells taking on the personality of the forms in which the statues depicted. We had even gained the ability to manipulate our outer bodies reforming the stone into flesh and moving our limbs simulating a genuine life form. With my statue body in the form of a fairy this meant I was also a fairy within my flesh form giving me the ability to fly.

One particular morning I could hear the sounds of the sea as the waves brushed against the nearby seawall. I was curious and look on my flesh form flying out of the garden to take a look. I was greeted with the splendour of a long winding river that led as far as the eye could see in both directions. I was overwhelmed with happiness and over the next few days explored where it led.

Unbeknown to me however I was being watched as well as photographed by onlookers below who didn’t know what to make of me. An incident then occurred where a young child saw me face to face causing him to burst into tears with fear. Once he told his parents of what happened word then spread leading no doubts in anyone’s minds as to what I truly was. They all concluded I was a genuine fairy.

Later that summer I attended an exhibition that specialised in everything fairy. No one recognised me for at the time there were no clear photographs and my description given by the child was vague. As far as the attendees at the show were concerned I was merely one of the many girls in a fairy costume. My heart went out to a teenage girl who felt deeply upset about the lack of evidence as to the existence of fairies. I felt there was only one way to make her happy and reignite her faith. I unfolded my wings and took flight in front of her and everyone else at the exhibition then sprinkled my fairy dust before heading for home.

My guardian nymph friend Speak-No-Evil learned of my newfound fame and did not approve of my adventures, so he decided to teach me a lesson. His monkey outer appearance also gave him a cheeky personality giving him the idea to hide in the garden shed under the guise that he had left to seek adventure of his own. It was autumn and pouring with rain so I and Veronique were concerned for his well-being. I left the safety of the garden in order to search for him only to have him dance and wave his bare bottom at me once I returned. It wasn’t nice what he did, but I took his lesson onboard. I wasn’t a real fairy, I was a guardian nymph, assigned to protect Veronique’s garden. I needed to act like one and chose to never leave the garden again unless it was important and for a non-selfish reason.

I had had a wonderful time with my adventures. I had rescued a fellow nymph who was trapped within a stone wall, had tea with a wonderful kind family, explored the city as well as the countryside, and had experienced wonders I never would have otherwise envisaged if I hadn’t chosen to leave. But it was time to put them aside and share my memories with my fellow guardians letting them experience what I had felt. If I ever felt the urge to venture outside again I would simply share my thoughts with other nymphs in the local vicinity and experience life through them without having to personally leave the confines of the garden.

Fame had changed me, I was even starting to call myself by the chosen name of Fairy Girl, a totally inaccurate name given to me by the organisers of the fairy exhibition. It was time to put those thoughts aside and be true to myself.

Veronique never expressed how she felt upon the matter. I guessed she was wanting me to make up my own mind, but I knew deep down she wanted to protect us while we protected her garden. She saw all six of us as her extended family and, while we were far older than herself, she saw us as her children. But it was time for me to grow up.


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