(The Fairy Girl Trilogy)

The mysterious creature known as Fairy Girl lives with her friends among the borders of an overgrown garden where she has spent decades being looked after by her human carer Veronique.

Over the many passing years Fairy Girl has grown fond of Veronique, seeing her as a mother figure, and often gets invited into the house where upon she is served her favourite drink hot chocolate.

As well as the ability to fly Fairy Girl is able to communicate telepathically with her fellow guardians and can see through their eyes whilst she is deep in hibernation. She uses her powers to assist nature and to help others while hoping one days that her past memories will return thus revealing her true identity.


Author’s Notes – The Writing Process (Contains Spoilers)

Thank you for reading my story, I hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to reading more of my books. I have many available spanning a wide variety of genres. This brief summarisation of my writing contains spoilers so if you haven’t read the story yet please don’t read any further.

This trilogy originally started out as a single book, known simply as Fairy Girl, published in printed form and sold via Lulu Publishing. As time went on I realised I wanted to continue her adventures so wrote two sequels. The original last line “I was a gargoyle” was removed for it didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the story and some readers were confused by it. Gargoyles are ugly after all yet Fairy Girl isn’t. For this web story I’ve placed the line back in for gives a nice ending twist.

I got the initial idea for Fairy Girl while reading about the statues that had been taken down from my local market to protect them from damage during the war, then being mislaid never to be seen again. I imagined them hidden away somewhere in someone’s back garden covered with green moss and bird droppings. I also discovered online that there are such things as fairy conventions where people meet and dress in costume. It was fascinating to see photos of full grown adults, male and female, dressed as fairies. That gave me the main idea for the plotline.

With the second story, Cheeky Monkey, I wanted to follow the story pretty much directly where the first left off but change the focus upon other characters giving Veronique and the three wise monkeys more of a role within the plot. I also slowed the overall pace of the story down to add a lot more detail to Fairy Girl’s feelings as to what was going on around her. I also wanted to show what was happening when she communicated telepathically as it was something she often did in the first book but was never given enough detail. The plotline of the original story constantly hinted as to what Fairy Girl and her fellow guardians truly were, leading up to a dramatic twist at the end, but with that fact already established right from the outset of this story I was able to focus upon other aspects of her personality.

The third story, Guardian Nymph, was already planned while writing the second book with hints as to its plotline already put in place long before I even started to write it. My original intention was to set it during the spring but I needed to add a plot device to have less people around as well as a reason for her to crash into the river. It was also the winter when I wrote it so describing the cold weather didn’t take much imagination.

Fairy Girl’s character development, as well as aspects of her life, have changed a lot within these three short stories. She originally never spoke a single word yet eventually was speaking verbally with other characters. Her name was also revealed including, only recently discovered by her, what kind of life form she really is. Character development is important but I’m also aware that some readers can be put off when characters change too much. So I’ve decided to keep these stories as a trilogy and not write a fourth.

Sixty-six and ninety-nine are what writers use to describe the types of quotation mark. You may have noticed computers only have one key for the double quotation mark, a remnant from the days of typewriters, yet modern computers have multiple fonts and a variety of punctuation symbols. I’ve kept this web story in the standard Times New Roman font, have made sure to use curved apostrophes, and use sixty-six & ninety-nine quotations. I feel it’s an easier read that way.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all my test readers and reviewers at Lulu Publishing’s forums for letting me bounce my ideas off you as well as giving me tips. If it wasn’t for you I would still be struggling with my first novel.

For more information about me, the writer, as well as a lot of other free stories visit my website. There’s also an interactive story called A Fairy Tale based upon this book.

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