(The Fairy Girl Trilogy)

Following the adventures of a mysterious fairy-like girl this trilogy of tales chronicles key aspects of her life, starting from her humble beginnings, leading to her celebrity status, then finally her metamorphosis into legend. Told through her own eyes, which at times look upon the world with a na´ve innocent view, these stories explore myth of fairies as well as adding an extra dimension as to their origins.

Part 1: Fairy Girl introduces the mysterious, and as yet unnamed girl, as she leaves the confines of her garden with the intention of exploring her surroundings. It doesn’t take long however before she is witnessed as she flies into her first adventure.

Part 2: Cheeky Monkey has our curious fairy turn detective as she tries to track down her monkey-like friend who has gone missing from the safety of the garden. However the cheeky monkey has no intention of being found and is devious in his ability to stay hidden.

Part 3: Guardian Nymph adds a completely new dimension to mysterious fairy-like creature when she answers a prayer and thus saves a child’s life, causing people to reinterpret what they think she is. This leads to a climatic ending when the truth is revealed.

These stories are sweet in nature and designed to leave you with a happy feeling whether you believe in fairies or not.






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