Tomb Raider: Lover's Past


In the video game Tomb Raider Legend a friend from Lara's past, named Amanda Evert, returns and sends an army of mercenaries to prevent Lara from discovering a hidden artefact. Lara is confused by Amanda's actions because they were once close friends and Lara presumed she had died in a collapsed tomb years earlier. Lara is perfectly happy to share everthing she knows about the artefact with Amanda but while trying to make peace with her Amanda tries to kill Lara using a shadow-like beast that she controls using an amulet she wears upon a necklace. At the end of the game Lara manages to prevent Amanda from getting hold of the artefact and defeats the shadow-like beast, she then spares Amanda's life and walks away. Amanda makes a return in Tomb Raider Underworld and is still an enemy of Lara while at the same time keeping another enemy of Lara's, named Jacqueline Natla, prisoner. While it's unclear as to what Amanda's real intentions are both her and Lara join forces when Jacqueline escapes. They do succeed in defeating Jacqueline Nalta but find themselves trapped while all around them is exploding. The only way out is to activate a portal and jump through it but there is no way to activate the controls and jump through at the same time without them cooperating and trusting one another. Amanda and Lara then find themselves in a tomb in Nepal, a location that Lara visited previously in her travels, then the game ends.

It's not clear however how they got home. The tomb was almost destroyed on Lara's previous visit and I thought it would be interesting to speculate what happened next. There are extra levels downloadable from XboxLive but they are set after Lara has already returned home, there is also the original ending on Youtube that reveals Amanda attacking Lara in the snow but it's still after they escape from the tomb itself. Amanda hurt her leg and hip during the battle with Jacqueline Natla and her army of monsters, she walked with a limp so climbing out of the tomb would have been impossible.

This short fan fiction story speculates as to what happened next, it's just my fantasy not to be taken as anything official. Please note that I have written it in first-person taken from Amanda's point of view, so Amanda is referred to as I. The story begins just as Lara and Amanda are escaping Helheim as it explodes.


Chapter 1:

If only she would slow down then I could walk alongside her, why did she tell me to hurry when she knew what condition I was in? I risked my life and injured myself to save her and she didn't even slow down for me. Not that I needed her help, I already pushed her away when she tried to help me up from the ground, she didn't really care anyway, she only thought of herself.

Everything was collapsing around us and there was choking blue smoke wafting in our direction, the ground shook beneath our feet with just an abyss of ooze beneath us. We had no chance we were doomed and I was about to spend the little time remaining with her, I wanted so much to smack her in the face, simply punch her lights out. But she was armed and I was hurt, my shadow creature had run out of juice so I had no weapon either.

Lara stood in front of the portal, I never noticed its existence before, it must have been revealed as the place started to fall apart. I hobbled along behind her.

"Mother must have tried to use it to escape but didn't know how," she said.

Pushing the Excalibur sword in front she activated the device setting it in motion spinning the large wheel.

"If pulling out these artefacts always brings you here, what will happen if I'm already here?" She said while thinking aloud.

"Maybe you'll go to HELL!" I said sharply emphasizing how I felt about her.

She turned and glared at me, I could see she despised me, the feeling was mutual. Her mood changed however when she spotted something on the ground. She ran over to it. To me it looked like nothing but a lump of rock. She pressed it against one of the stone pillars and the portal activated with a vortex of energy in its middle. As she let go the rock slipped out of position deactivating the vortex.

"Damn it!" She said.

I turned and looked at her.

"I can't reach the sword," she said, "But you can."

Was she seriously suggesting I leave alone, would she sacrifice her life for me?

"What about you?" I responded.

"I can reach you if you hold out your hand," she said.

"You… trust me?!"

"We're out of time Amanda!" She said sharply.

I touched my hand against the sword while Lara held the rock in position. As soon as she let go the vortex would vanish so I would have to grab her hand quickly. I hesitated, simply pushing the sword would send me home, I could have left her there to die, I would have preferred her death to be at my own hand but as long as she died that was all that really mattered. I wasn't sure where I would end up, maybe I needed her help once we got there, but did it really matter? I had nothing left to live for anyway. Time was at the essence and I was still hesitating undecided about what to do. I decided to leave her and let her suffer, I smiled to myself while she still stood with her arm outstretched.

"Now!" I yelled as I lurched forward grabbing her hand.

Energy surged through our bodies as our hands touched. The next thing I remembered was being flung through the air almost hitting my head against the stone ground. I heard Lara scream beside me as she hit the ground hard, I hoped she was hurt. I had no idea why I grabbed her hand, it wasn't my intention to bring her with me. She clambered to her feet as the portal lowered itself around her, spinning around her body while she stood proud.

While I was still on the ground she picked up the sword to claim it for herself, she wanted everything for herself with no thought for others.

I held up my amulet ready to activate my shadow creature, it was low on power but at such a close range would cause her a lot of physical harm if not kill her.

"So it's back to this is it?" She said.

"What?!" I said sharply, "You think we're even?"

I jerked forward with my arms at the ready causing her to step back.

"Would killing me make us even?" She said calmly as she placed the Excalibur sword over her shoulder attaching it to her back.

I couldn't believe her arrogance, how dare she not take my threat seriously, did she really think that lowering her weapon would make me somehow less of a threat? She didn’t know me, we hadn't been friends in a long time, she had no right to even assume I wouldn't kill her! Standing there calmly in her tight wetsuit with her huge breasts ready to burst it open, speaking down to me like a spoilt child. Did she think she was better than me?

I switched off my device and limped away to find a way out of whatever this place was. I could hear her talking to herself behind me mumbling something about her mother.


Chapter 2:

It was terribly cold, I could feel the icy breeze blow right through me into my bones. There was no way either of us could survive in that place and were probably still going to die. We were better off were we were.

I stood at the entrance of the tomb, the wooden doorway was completely smashed apart offering no protection against the wind. There was a large chasm below and another doorway at the other side. I had no idea where we were let alone how to get out.

"The pathway collapsed under my feet the last time I was here," Lara said startling me as she stood at my said.

"So, it's your fault," I said, "You destroy everything you touch it seems."

I attempted to walk back away from her but had no idea where to go and my left hip was throbbing. Lara started fiddling with a gadget of some sort, probably her phone, while I leant against the wall.

"I can't get a signal from here," she said, "I'll try from higher up."

It was clear she had been there before because she knew there were steps leading up to another chamber, I doubted she could get a signal from there though, we were sure to freeze. I could hear her footsteps above as she walked around in those heavy boots of hers. Why was she stupid enough to wear boots with a wetsuit, her socks must have been sodden wet. I wouldn't want to be around when she took them off, they must reach like urrghh! I could hear more sounds, they sounded like something made of wood being broken apart, she was probably forcing a door open. Then there was silence for a few moments followed by mumbling, she either had gotten through on her phone or was talking to herself again. Even though the sound was from above it echoed around outside but I still didn't quite hear what was being said. She had the tendency of hanging around and searching or artefacts even when it was inappropriate to do so. She was such a tourist. I decided to see what she was up to.

Carefully I walked further back into the tomb toward the steps leading to the chamber above. My hip was killing me, I needed to rest, I couldn't sit down that would be even more painful so I knelt on all fours against the first few steps.

"What are you doing?" Lara said as she looked down at me.

She ran down the steps and stopped beside then attempted to grab my arm. I pushed it away. In response she sat down on the step next to me.

"You cannot walk around in your state," she added, "You need to stay put."

"Leave me here to freeze while you leave without me, is what you really mean?" I said.

"What are you talking about?" She said, "I called Zip and sent him our GPS coordinates, he's sending a rescue helicopter."

"Did you tell him about me?" I asked.

"No," she said, "He hates you, and with good reason. But he's not coming personally so you should be okay."

"And how long's it going to take?" I asked.

Lara paused for a moment, she looked like she had some bad news.

"Twelve hours," she said softly.


Chapter 3:

Twelve hours in a half collapsed tomb surrounded by snow was something I could not bear the thought of. There was no way to survive that long, we would both be long dead before any helicopter arrived. We didn't have a chance.

I was still hunched over the first few steps in a contorted twisted position, trying to sit without putting pressure on my hip. Lara was sitting beside me putting on her fake act of concern, she was enjoying my pain, I just knew it.

"So what's your plan now?" I asked.

"Our first priority is to get ourselves warm," she said, "Then I'll take a look around and figure a way out of here."

The wind started to howl as it blew through both the open doors of the tomb carrying the icy chill with it.

"We need to get you out of this wind," she said.

"I can barely move," I responded.

Lara stood up and began looking around the empty tomb as if searching for something but not sure what.

"Okay," she said, "Let's get you to the back of the tomb, out of this wind. I'll make us a fire using the wood from the doors then do something about your hip."

She moved toward me and held onto my arm. I didn't want her help, she didn't really care anyway. I pushed her arm away once more.

"Amanda!" She said loudly.

As I was about to respond she forcefully grabbed onto my arm and manhandled me into an upright position. I gritted my teeth as the pain shot down my left leg. I wiggled my body but she kept a tight hold until I finally let her lead me to the other end of the tomb.

"You need to allow me help you," she said calmly, "Or neither of us are going to survive this."

I flicked my arm out of her hands defiantly once we reached the back of the tomb. She responded with a strange look of frustration and sadness mixed into one. The wind curved around the walls and there was a huge gaping hole above letting in snow so it wasn't much better than where we already were.

"Right stay here!" She said, "Don't move around. I'm going to gather some wood."

She ran to the other end of the tomb and started picking up the broken remains of the door while I stood slowly freezing my arse off. She came running back and dropped some of the wood onto the ground then ran back again. I couldn't continue standing so I tried lowering myself into a kneeling position but the pain shot up my back. I couldn't bend at all. I had no choice but to remain standing.

The big stone pillars next to me were decorated with hieroglyphs as well as one of the walls, I had no idea what they said, Lara probably did. One of the images was of what looked like a waterfall while another was of a large man with a ray of light beaming behind him. With the amazing technology of the ancients I would have thought they would have invented a proper way to record events instead of picture writing, it seemed somehow too primitive.

Lara came running back, dropped some more wood then turned and ran back for some more. I saw her raise her arms above her head then to her sides, she was intentionally running and moving her body for warmth, I couldn't to that. It was clear which one of us was going to survive and which one wasn't. She came running back and after taking a short gaze at me began to pile the wood in a neater stack. She picked out a piece then blew on it and rubbed it against the stone ground blowing on it again. It burst into flame then spread across the rest of the pile creating a small but warm fire.

"How did you do that?" I asked.

She walked over towards me and held out her hand again. She wanted me to grab her arm but this time wasn't forcing me for she knew full well the enticement of the fire would tempt me. As I held onto her hand she took a step closer and held my arm leading me to the fire.

"Just stand still for a moment," she said, "We'll be warm in no time."

She turned around and crouched in front of the fire.

"That's not going to last very long though is it," I said with a depressed tone, "Certainly not twelve hours."

"Well it's all we've got," she responded as she turned to face me, "There's nothing left to burn."

The zip on the front of her wetsuit was slightly undone revealing her cleavage, probably trying to warm those gigantic breasts of hers. They were never that size when we were teenagers going on adventures together, she was a different person back then, more pleasant and carefree. We had both changed a lot, I did miss those days.

"I need to check your hip," she said.

"I don't think it’s broken," I responded, "But it's certainly painful."

She knelt down beside me.

"I need to see how serious it is," she said.

I looked down at her with a strong glare. I had no intention of showing her my hip and there was no way I was going to lower my clothing in that icy cold tomb.

"Amanda!" She said, "You really need to let go of this and allow me to help you!"

She knew what I was thinking, she wanted me to let go of my grudge against her but it was too late for that long ago. My survival was at stake so I had to let her take look at it. I took a large breath, lifted my coat and lowered the corner of my trousers revealing my hip. She leant for a closer look.

"You do have a lot of surface bruising," she said, "But that's a good sign, they can be painful but not serious."

She pressed her hand against my bare skin.

"Don't touch!" I yelled.

"Does that hurt?" She asked.

"It all hurts," I responded, "Plus I don't want you touching me anyway."

"Okay but touch it yourself," she said, "Make sure everything's where it should be, and not broken or out of its socket."

I pressed my fingers against my side then stroked my hip, it was swollen and there was no way I could really tell. I immediately pulled my trousers back up and adjusted my coat. Lara stood up beside me.

"You need to get it checked out properly in hospital," she said, "Once we get back."

"You're really enjoying this aren't you?" I said, "It gives you some kind of thrill to see me this way, in pain, totally reliant on you for my very survival."

Lara turned away and crouched down next to the fire.

"You destroyed my home," she said softly, "Alistair is dead and Natla almost destroyed the entire world. All because you're not willing to forgive me. I grieved for you then when I found out you were still alive you tried to kill me out of petty revenge."

It was all coming out now how she really felt. I let her speak before having my say.

"I've got my grappling hook with me," she said, "I could easily swing across the gaps in the broken path. If you weren't here I'd be on my way home now, searching for artefacts along the way, it'd be another adventure. I'm only staying because of you. No one would blame me if I left you here."

"Well go then!" I yelled, "Leave! See if I care."

"I can't," she said.

"Why?" I responded.

She remained silent.


Chapter 4:

The fire began to die out as we remained in awkward silence. Lara sat staring at what little flame remained around the burnt ashes while I stood still trying not to think about the pain in my hip. There was still a long time to wait but without a fire I wasn't sure we would last. Lara had every opportunity to leave but would probably remain at my side even if it meant her own death. Stupid stubborn cow! I doubted if I'd do the same if our roles were reversed.

I wasn't the same person as I was before I was trapped in that tomb. Lara had somehow become fixated on what I used to be, or what we both used to be, and wasn't willing to let go. Part of me felt sorry for her and wanted her to leave.

"I kept your shoe," she said softly.

"My what?" I responded.

"I went back to that tomb to look for your body, but all I found was your shoe with the laces cut," she said.

"I see," I said.

I wobbled on my legs, I wasn't used to standing for so long. Lara jumped to her feet and held me.

"I can't stand and I can't sit down!" I protested in anger at the situation I was in.

"Lean against me," she said as she led me against the back wall and sat herself down.

I looked at her puzzled, how was I supposed to lean if she was sitting?

"Lay on your right side," she said, "And lean you body against mine."

"How in the hell am I supposed… well at least do yourself up first!" I said.

She pulled the zip of her wetsuit all the way covering her cleavage then held out her arms ready to grab me as I lowered myself, or to me more accurate for when I fell on top of her. I screamed out as the pain in my hip spread over my entire body. Lara responded by holding me like a baby in her arms, half laying and half sitting in a contorted position. I almost felt like crying, she would have liked that.

"Just stay absolutely still," she said, "Our shared body heat should be enough."

I closed my eyes tightly as the pain throbbed, this wasn't how I imagined how my life would end, at the hands of Lara maybe but not in the arms of Lara. She started to speak but I couldn't concentrate on what she was saying, my mind was fuzzy and I felt dizzy. As I blinked my eyes open I could still hear her speaking gently almost as though she were singing to herself. It felt as though time had past but I wasn't sure how long. Had I been asleep? I blinked again, it was difficult to keep my eyes open. If I did sleep I would probably never wake.

I felt Lara's hand stroking my neck, she was probably doing it as a way of warming me but it felt more annoying than calming.

"Stop that," I said softly.

"Oh you're awake," she said.

"How long was I unconscious?" I asked.

"For the entire night," she said.

I could still see daylight from the hole in the top of the tomb and the damaged doors. Lara may have been teasing but that wasn't really her style, so I had been out for quite some time.

"How's your hip now?" She asked.

"Still the same," I quickly responded, "Probably worse now I slept in this position."

"Do you think you can stand up?" She asked.

"Not just this moment," I responded.

She wiggled her body and moved her legs trying to get the circulation back. She would have been quite cramped with me laying over her all night.

"Amanda?" She said.

"What is it now?" I replied.


The walls of the tomb started to vibrate with the sound of helicopter rotors.



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