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Effluo Insula: Fjörgynn Warriors.
Copyright 2013, 2018 by Raymond Johnson. Fourth edition.
Cover photo provided by Lukasz Laska. (iStock Photo).

For Dad.

“Without religion good people will still be good and bad people will still be bad, but because of religion good people have done bad things.” – Steven Weinberg.

Once the envy of all kingdoms the island of Ackerlea and its castle have deteriorated due to the ravages of time and the natural expansion of the surrounding forest. What was once looked upon with awe has been forgotten, leaving the distant memories of wonder to be replaced with rumour, as the truth of the past gradually decays.

For one however, rumour is not enough to satisfy her curiosity, and takes it upon herself to find out the truth as to the demise of the once beloved kingdom which she now calls home. Her peace loving religious followers then receive a terrible shock when they realise their priestess has inadvertently awoken a creature leaving it up to her to destroy it using the same method as the original inhabitants, by human sacrifice.

Fjörgynn Warriors is the third and final part of the Effluo Insula series chronicling the strange and mystical events that have taken place upon the island.





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