Effluo Insula: The Trilogy


Author’s Notes – The Writing Process (Contains Spoilers)

Thank you for reading this trilogy, I hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to reading more of my stories. I have many available via my website and are free. This summary of my writing contains spoilers so if you haven’t read Effluo Insula yet then don’t read any further.

Many, many years ago, 1989 to be precise, I created an adventure game for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer called Forgotten Island. It was a typical fantasy about a gallant hero who sets upon a quest to rescue damsel in distress who has been imprisoned upon a mysterious island. With the damsel being a princess it was expected that the hero would be a prince but I twisted the story and made the hero a princess too. This adventure game was ported to the Amstrad PCW then later the PC in the form of an interactive story. This became the inspiration for the first book in the series Vern’s Tale which follows the same plotline albeit without the dancing skeletons and ghosts.

The idea for The King’s Guard came about when I thought of setting the sequel parallel to the original following the same events. With the king’s army preparing for war it only leaves his personal guard available to rescue his daughter. It also gave some more insight into how Vern was able to defeat so many enemies whilst supposedly alone.

With Fjörgynn Warriors I decided to do something a little different in terms of its timescale. It’s still the same basic plot as the first two books but the timescale overlaps the events of the original stories, starting and ending at different points along the story arc. This had the side effect of making the book much larger than intended. I also fleshed out the priestess character giving more insight as to why she was attempting to commit such an atrocity. Incidentally the bath scene in Fjörgynn Warriors was a chapter I removed from Vern’s Tale. It was originally Vern bathing while being assisted by a personal maid, but this scene ruined any chance of an end twist so it was removed then altered somewhat with the priestess Edwina being inserted.

The characters are loosely based upon real people then exaggerated, or in some cases understated, until a realistic rounded character is developed. Their names are made up by mixing old Anglo-Saxon and Latin names together. I’m particularly fond of the name Annis Ara-Tayte that essentially translates as Spoilt Brat-Princess. Fjörgynn was the son of Oden in Greek legend, but I liked the name and the confusing spelling so I decided to turn him onto a goddess for the sake of this story.

In 2007 Effluo Insula: Vern’s Tale was entered the UK Novel Writing Competition. The unique feature of this competition is that the public are the judges and anyone can sign up to read these books. Also the authors’ names aren’t included with the book titles as to avoid anyone being influenced. There were three rounds to this competition and my book reached the final round. Out of 3112 entries it managed to get into the top 25 so was quite an achievement.

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