Effluo Insula: The Trilogy


The two neighbouring kingdoms of Adalmar and Liviana enjoy a fragile peace whilst in a perpetual state of cold war ready to attack at a moment’s notice. Forever blaming each other and fighting over petty squabbles they fail to see the true enemy that strikes under their very noses forcing both kingdoms into preparing for yet another war. A group of religious cultists kidnap a princess with the intention of brutally sacrificing her to a mythical beast.

Under the ensuing chaos a new hero rises from the anarchy with the rescue of the princess being the first priority in a new order of peace. Vern sets out alone upon her rescue in order to prevent the war as well as save her life. However, Vern’s father the king of Adalmar, has other ideas and sends a troop of elite soldiers to prevent the rescue and bring Vern home.

It eventually comes to light that all is not as it seems and the religious cult may not be as evil as everyone believes them to be.

This trilogy of tales consists of all three Effluo Insula stories chronicling the strange and mystical events that have taken place upon the island.

Part 1: Vern’s Tale

Part 2: The King’s Guard

Part 3: Fjörgynn Warriors




Author’s Notes