an ebook by Raymond Johnson.

Chapter 1 - Roleplay
Chapter 2 - A Brief Message
Chapter 3 - Skype
Chapter 4 - Costumes
Chapter 5 - A Warrior's Heart


The story so far. Hidden within the intricacies of the internet was a virus created as a protector for a computer hacker who stole information for financial gain. However during a particular computer hack the virus became corrupted and with the loss of data it forgot its own identity. As it slowly regained its own sense of self it grew increasingly aware that its creator was committing criminal acts and wanted to stop, seeking instead a peaceful life of its own. The hacker, a French woman named Vanessa, tried to make amends but only added to the deception by creating a virtual life that the virus soon became aware of. A butterfly obsessed Japanese woman named Nozomi then got caught up in the struggle between Vanessa and her creation trying to appease the situation whilst not fully understanding what was taking place. The virus eventually broke free living its own life on the internet.

Synopsis. A number of years later a British man named Jonathan meets Vanessa whilst playing an online game and they begin a romance which soon blossoms into love. Vanessa confesses her past misdeeds and informs Jonathan of her self-aware computer virus explaining she has no idea if it still lives. As their relationship continues Jonathan receives a terrible shock when he finds out Vanessa has been involved in a traffic accident and is near to death, so he takes it upon himself to search for the elusive computer virus in the hope that it may aid Vanessa's recovery, having no idea what he's in for.

Info. This work-in-progress is a supplement to the Kindle novel bee acting as its sequel whilst introducing a new main character. Rather than continuing directly where the book left off this story takes a slightly different stance on the events taking place with the main character Jonathan being fully aware of what's going on yet having no idea as to the location of the virus or how it can help. You don't need to have read the novel to follow the story but bear in mind this sequel does contain spoilers.

Copyrights. The character Nozomi Kurmochi was originally created for an online interactive hentai story called bumbling bee which later spawned the novel bee, a website called Nozomi's Scrapbook, and this sequel. This story and website was created by Raymond Johnson. Character photographs are provided by iStockphoto.com.