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Blushing Goth (Part 2).
Copyright 2011, 2018 by Raymond Johnson. Fourth edition.
Main cover photo provided by Adam Wasilewski. (iStock Photo).
Part 2 cover photo provided by Chaoss. (iStock Photo).

Dedicated to my brother Robin for giving me the idea to turn one short story into a series.

“I love being a woman… If I’d been born a man I’d be a raving drag queen.” – Dolly Parton.

A month into their relationship Steph and Mimi are deeply in love, however no relationship is plain sailing and they still have lots of obstacles to overcome. As Steph learns more about Mimi she discovers there is more to being a goth than just her style of clothing and it soon becomes evident how different they are in their personalities. With an increase in attacks on transexuals in the area Steph, Mimi and their friends find themselves having to be on their guard and fear walking the streets alone at night. After a particular night out is ruined Mimi decides to calm herself with a relaxing bubble bath surrounded by scented candles. She invites Steph to join her.



Chapter 1 – The Story So Far

Just a little over a month ago I met a beautiful yet very shy t-girl in a transvestite bar. I took her under my wing, slowly bringing her out of her timid shell allowing her to mix and chat with others who frequented the bar.

This shy t-girl, known as Mimi, stood out from the rest of the transvestite crowd not just because of her convincing feminine looks but because of her gothic style of fashion. Her dark clothing contrasted against the pale skin on her cheeks and her sparklingly bright blue eyes.

It wasn’t long before she became popular among my close friends and they all sensed the chemistry forming between us both. However at the time I was still completely oblivious as to what I was feeling within my heart. I wasn’t just smitten by Mimi, I was falling deeply in love, a feeling I had never felt before.

Mimi and I spent each evening at the bar in constant chat while getting to know each other better. I was an open book when it came to talking about myself and felt I could tell her anything, but as the days passed it was clear she was holding something back about her personal life. I realised it was more than simple shyness as to the reason she was distant, but I also knew from experience that a lot of t-girls found it difficult to lower their guard.

During one of our many conversations Mimi revealed that she worked as a beautician and knew practically everything there was to know about applying makeup. I noticed she loved talking about the subject so I decided to intentionally steer our chat into that direction whenever there was a lull in the conversation.

During one particular discussion Mimi suggested that she could apply my makeup for me. I jumped at the chance and accepted her offer feeling delighted at the opportunity of having a professional makeover done by a close friend.

Rather than attend her beauty salon Mimi wanted me to meet her at her home and have my makeup applied there before spending a night out on the town. I was feeling both nervous and excited at the same time.

Mimi was wonderful at applying the makeup and it was clear that she knew exactly what was needed to make me beautiful. Her own makeup style was mainly blacks with lots of thick eyeliner, but she brought out my beauty using gentle colours that matched my skin tone.

Once the makeover was complete Mimi led me over to a full length mirror to admire my looks, but within moments she turned bright red with embarrassment, rushing out of the room. Her accidental erection was visible in the reflection, bulging up her dress, causing her extreme distress.

Once she calmed down Mimi told me all about how she felt inside, explaining she had the urge sever her own penis with a knife to remove what she felt was a deformity.

After a very long discussion she began to feel better and went up to bed while I slept on her couch.

The following day Mimi felt as though a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders and felt deliriously happy. Later that night she revealed that she had fallen in love with me and I told her I felt exactly the same way about her. We then shared an intimate kiss.


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