Blushing Goth
(The Complete Collection)

Author’s Notes – The Writing Process (Contains Spoilers)

Thank you for reading my story, I hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to reading more of my books. I have many available spanning a wide variety of genres. This brief summarisation of my writing contains spoilers so if you haven’t read the story yet please don’t read any further.

The original printed version of Blushing Goth went through quite a number of changes whilst developing the idea. Initially I started writing an erotic comedy but as the characters developed I realised it wouldn’t work as comedy, and erotica on its own doesn’t make for a good story, so I turned it into a romance. This is the first romance I’ve written and I love the fact that it’s a little unconventional. It proved to be far more popular than expected where upon I created a new edition by padding more to the story. The reason for this is that I felt Steph needed more fleshing out as a character and more of a back story. Mimi on the other hand was intentionally mysterious so her back story wasn’t as important. I was also able to introduce a lot more characters and refer to them by name instead of simply Steph’s friends. This resulted in a story twice the size of the original. The book was showcased at the London Book Fair in 2012 as well as being featured in their catalogue. For a full three days it was on display and by the end of the event its glossy cover had become stained with the handprints of thousands of readers. I was amazed how such a small book attracted so much attention. I later added (Part 1) to the title and created two sequels and a prequel.

When writing (Part 2) I thought it would be a good idea to cover different subjects that involve transgender issues whilst continuing with the developing romance between Steph and Mimi. This resulted in two plots, one about violence toward transgender people, and another about body image effecting sexuality. I also made sure not to keep the bath scene not too explicit, keeping the focus on romance and not stray into erotica. I re-read the original to make sure to keep the personalities of the main characters consistent, with the same character traits, then tweaked them a little to add character growth. With it only being set about three weeks after the original story I couldn’t change the characters too much, but I made sure to bring out Mimi’s sense of humour with her being more at ease with Steph. I also mentioned a little about gothic culture to flesh out Mimi’s character as being more than just a transexual. I also thought it would be good keep her sense of mystery and just hint about her past rather than go into detail.

With (Part 3) I decided to end on a bombshell and have a happy ending albeit one that was unexpected. I was worried about getting stuck in a plot loop or the opposite and have the characters change too much if I continued to write more sequels. The house warming scene was originally intended to be a very small gathering but as I wrote it I felt a crowded kitchen full of people drinking made for a happier party. I hope you enjoyed the ending and was as surprised as Steph was. That’s one of the many advantages when writing in first-person, the reader doesn’t know more than the main character making it easier to add surprises. Incidentally gay marriage wasn’t legal at the time of writing so it would have been more of a civil ceremony.

Pink Goth was planned as a single chapter of a larger book but I felt it would work much better as a story if I kept focus purely upon one aspect of the plot. If it had been a full novel it would have been far more complex and stray too far from the point it was telling. When it came to writing I slowed the over all pace of the story and tried to convey a lot more of Mimi’s inner turmoil before she attempted to mutilate herself.

While the Blushing Goth Collection is fictional a lot of what’s being told is based upon my personal experiences as well as what I’ve researched online. There is a lot of me in the character Mimi although I don’t have a Steph in my life unfortunately.

The subject of transexuality can often enrage people so I tried my best to keep transgender politics out of these stories as much as possible. Within this story the word transexual refers to someone who feels they are of the opposite sex. A transvestite however is someone who dresses as the opposite sex but has no desire to actually be of the opposite sex. While Mimi and Steph both possessed real breasts and penises Mimi was a transexual while Steph was a transvestite. Incidentally I personally spell transexual with one S due to convention but I know it often can be spelled with a double S. The word t-girl isn’t a word I’d ever use but it was just a word I’d thought Steph could use when referring to other trans people. I make no apologies for my choice of words and I’m not going to change the terminology due to whatever is deemed as politically correct.

While I don’t intend to continue the Blushing Goth series I may write more trans related stories in future.

Copyright Information: The stories on this website were created by Raymond Johnson. Feel free to download, copy, redistribute, repackage, print out, steal ideas from, make fan fiction of, and pretty much do whatever you see fit with them. Just don’t sell them please.


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