Blushing Goth
(The Complete Collection)

Following the events taking place within and around a local transvestite bar these stories tell of a group of friends struggling with their day to day lives, describing the highs and lows of their lifestyle, with problems ranging from the mundane up to the very serious.

A happy, confident and totally self-reliant trans girl named Steph has her world turned upside down when she meets a shy young goth named Mimi. While totally oblivious to herself, yet clear to all others, Steph falls deeply in love, a feeling she has never felt before.

Blushing Goth (Part 1): Steph and her close-knit group of friends meet Mimi for the first time where upon Steph becomes instantly infatuated with her. They soon become good friends but an embarssing incident causes Mimi to reach breaking point.

Blushing Goth (Part 2): Steph and Mimi begin a relationship together but they have to be on their guard due to increased attacks on transexuals in the local area. To wind down for the evening they share a candlelit bath.

Blushing Goth (Part 3): Mimi’s essentric behavour becomes even more strange causing Steph to wonder if their relationship is in trouble. Meanwhile they are invited to a housewarming party but are warned by their friends in no uncertain terms not to attend.

Pink Goth: A prequel to the Blushing Goth series, told from Mimi’s point of view, explaining how her transexuality is making her isolated and losing touch on reality.





Author’s Notes